Markdown Navigator
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Markdown Navigator 2.0

Markdown language support for IntelliJ platform

A Markdown plugin with GFM and a matching preview style.

Document with pleasure!

Work with Markdown files like you do with other languages in the IDE, by getting full support for:

  • completions to reduce typing
    • link address ⇐ files
    • ref anchors ⇐ headings
    • footnote refs ⇐ footnotes
    • ref links/ref images ⇐ references
    • link text ⇐ ref anchor/link address
  • error and warning annotations to help catch mistakes early
  • intention actions for fast results with less effort
  • wrap on typing to keep it nicely formatted as you edit
  • formatting to change format with a key stroke
  • navigation and find usages to find references without effort
  • refactoring of all referencing elements: to keep it all in sync while evolving
    • files ⟺ links
    • headings ⟺ ref anchors
    • footnotes ⟺ footnote refs
    • references ⟺ ref links/ref images
  • GitHub style rendering that you are used to, out of the box
  • Fast typing response for distraction free editing
  • Fully customizable to adjust to your project’s needs and your preferences
  • Copy Markdown as JIRA, YouTrack or HTML formatted text or export as HTML
  • Convert HTML content to Markdown by pasting it into a Markdown document.
  • Split Editor
  • Fast typing response in large files
  • HTML text preview and export
  • Soft Wrap on right margin
  • Format with code style:
    • Multi-byte support with mixed character width
    • Table justification
    • Wrap on typing auto format of element
    • Renumbering of list items
  • Bidirectional Source and Preview synchronization
    • Scrolls preview to show source element at caret
    • Moves caret to source line of element clicked in preview
  • Also does completions, refactoring, validation, language injections, code folding
  • Fully configurable by project with support for scopes
  • Understands GitHub wiki nuances
  • Conversion between HTML and Markdown

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Recent change notes

2.3.2 - Compatibility & Bug Fix Release
  • Add: #385, toolbar button tooltips to show reason for button being disabled.
  • Fix: #384, Add block quote level on ATX heading looses the heading prefix
  • Fix: Markdown list indentation format conversion would loose blank lines.
  • Fix: HTML to Markdown intention would only take the opening inline HTML tag
  • Fix: #383, Absolute http:// links to wiki pages do not resolve to files
  • Fix: #382, JavaFX Preview is using project settings for Zoom and Grey Scale Antialiasing instead of scoped rendering profile
  • Fix: update to flexmark-java 0.14.0 with typographic quotes and smarts conversion
  • Fix: #379, HTML block content indent doubling on document format
  • Fix: #378, Leading spaces on reference definition after the first would cause the reference to be processed as text.
  • Fix: copy markdown as html to use the current file’s rendering profile as the parent for COPY_HTML_MIME so that any settings not marked as overriding project settings will be as per rendering profile for the file.
  • Fix: typing a character right after a list item marker would sometimes insert a space after the character.
  • Change: #380, Sorting of non-rendering elements should not be case sensitive
  • Add: annotation and quick fix for GitHub Doc parsing issue of - [ ] [reference] being interpreted as - [ ][reference] which is a list item with a link reference with explicit link text of a space.
  • Add: #377, Add Format conversion between list indentation types for files.
  • Fix: #376, HTML to Markdown converter does not handle pre tags with inner span tags. HTML to Markdown to properly handle conversion to fenced code when HTML consists of <pre> and content is <span>’s with color and highlighting information.

General usage instructions

Install and get GitHub-like markdown with HTML preview and HTML text tabs for markdown text files.
Will wait for commonmark version.
Guys, I have been using MMD since very first build come out, but unfortunately almost daily update notifications are annoying and forcing me to uninstall it. How is it possible to release plugin update every week? I mean could you do it like monthly or quarterly? I am serious here, I get it that you are fixing stuff and adding new features but come on, making plugin update for each minor bug fix is not how it should be. Cheers.
Constantly crashes the whole IDE. Uses up all my memory, no matter how much I give it. Incredibly Slow.
Great Job
Love the fact that it supports closer to github flavored markdown!
Great job!
Thank you for this improved plugin.
Nice plugin! It would be great to support Navigation and find usages to/from Markdown links.
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