Spj Plugin
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products except MPS
Custom language plugin for 101NEO .spj files.
This plugin provides basic supports for editing Spj language for 101NEO framework.

This version supports:
  • basic syntax highlights
  • changing highlight color settings
  • Auto completion support
  • basic code formatting and indent
  • Structure view

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Recent change notes

(2015/11/01) v0.1.0: first release
(2015/11/15) v0.2.0: Auto Completion support for built-in commands and functions
(2015/11/16) v0.2.1: Bug fix & add support for new built-in functions
(2015/11/17) v0.3.0: Structure View and auto completion for user-defined procedures
(2015/11/19) v0.3.1: Fixed some bugs
(2015/11/21) v0.3.2: Fixed some bugs. Add annotation on calling undefined procedures
(2015/11/24) v0.3.3: Fixed some bugs.
(2015/12/10) v0.4.0: Add auto completion for variables and arguments in the same file
(2015/12/10) v0.4.1: Fixed some bugs.
(2015/12/16) v0.4.2: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/02/10) v0.4.3: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/02/26) v0.4.4: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/06/22) v0.4.5: Add support for new libraries(hash, csv, json).
(2016/07/08) v0.5.0: Add "Go To Declaration" for calling procedures.
(2016/07/08) v0.5.1: Add "Find Usage" for procedures and Commenter.
(2016/07/12) v0.5.2: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/07/26) v0.5.3: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/07/27) v0.5.4: Add folding support for.procedure blocks
(2016/07/28) v0.5.5: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/08/01) v0.5.6: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/08/06) v0.5.7: Add support for new built-in functions. Fixed some bugs.
(2016/08/25) v0.6.1: Support SpjDocs at the head of procedure blocks.
(2016/10/28) v0.6.2: Fixed some bugs.

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