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Share your android project builds to slack channel in a single click.


The Scala plugin extends IntelliJ IDEA’s toolset with support for Scala, SBT, Scala.js, Hocon, and Play Framework. Support for Scala, SBT and Hocon is available for free in IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, while support for Play Framework and Scala.js is available only in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.


In UI. By edvin
TornadoFX support

JRebel for Android

JRebel for Android skips the build and install process. Develop your Android applications in real-time. Any updates to code or resources are applied to the running application. Works with real devices and emulators alike.


Rust language support


Quokka is a rapid prototyping playground in your editor, with access to your project's files, inline reporting, code coverage and rich output formatting.

Material Theme UI EAP

This will add the Material Theme look to your IDE.

Makefile support

Support for UNIX Makefiles

Upsource Integration

Integration with JetBrains Upsource

Note: If you want to have access to the most recent bug fixes and features of the plugin, you can install it from the alpha channel. To do so please add the following custom plugin repository:

Yaoqiang BPMN Editor

an Open Source BPMN 2.0 Modeler

GitHub | Issues | Donate ( PayPal )


Simple plugin to easily compile Java & Kotlin files to smali.


This plugin generates dimensions for the other density bucket values for Android
- Just point the cursor on the dimension value in your dimen
- Right click and click on Generate -> 'Generate alternate dimens..'
- Alternately you can convert entire xml file in one bucket to others using right click on file-> Generate alternate dimens from file.


Home Page | Plugin Page | GitHub | Issues


General Usage Instructions:
  • 选择需要翻译的文本 > 点击鼠标右键 > 点击Translate.
  • 或者使用快捷键Alt + 0/1/2/3/R/T(Mac下可能无效,需要自定义快捷键)进行翻译。
  • 你可以直接翻译如"getTranslatedString"和"HELLO_WORLD"这样的文本。
    • 详细说明文档

      Compiled with Java 1.6

    Protobuf Support

    Google Protobuf support for JetBrains products.

    • Full Proto3 support.
    • Custom include path for proto files.
    • Usage search for messages, enums and fields (for standard and custom options).
    • Syntax validation for proto2/proto3. Error checks for reserved/duplicated field tags and names.
    • Fonts & Colors configuration.
    • Structure View.
    • Code formatting.
    • Navigation to message, enum or service by name (Ctrl+N)
    • Rename refactoring (files, messages, enums and fields).

    Roadmap | Issue tracker | Donate ( PayPal, BitCoin)

    Codename One

    Codename One Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
    Easily create native apps using Java™ for iOS, Android, Windows and more!

    NASM Language

    NASM language for JetBrains IDEs
    Version 0.1.5 pre-release
    • FPU, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4, and general instruction support
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Single and multiline macro support
    • Conditional assembly directives support
    • Preprocessor directives support
    • Structure support

    Todo Planned Features
    • Code completion
    • Goto symbol
    • Improved highlighting


    AceJump allows you to quickly navigate the cursor to any position visible in the editor. See a demo of AceJump in action! Simply hit "ctrl+;", type a character, then type the matching character to Ace Jump.

    ReasonML language plugin

    Reason language plugin.

    ANSI Highlighter

    This plugin supports the rendering of the most common ANSI graphic rendition sequences under IntelliJ editor. The following features are available:
    • Configurable 'ANSI Aware' file extensions:
      • Go to Preferences | Editor | File Types
      • Under 'Recognized File Types' select 'ANSI Aware'
      • Under 'Registered Patterns' add your custom 'ANSI Aware' file name patterns, *.log is added by default
      • Press 'Apply' button
    • Switch between Preview and Plain mode:
      • Right click on the editor
      • Press 'Switch to Edit/Preview Mode'
      • Alternatively use the shortcut 'ctrl meta A' while on the editor
    • Only the below graphic rendition codes are supported:
      • Reset code (0)
      • Bold code (1)
      • Italic code (3)
      • Single Underline code (4)
      • All text foreground color codes (30-37)
      • All text background color codes (40-47)
    • Customize ANSI colors:
      • Go to Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts | Console Colors
      • Expand 'ANSI Colors'
      • Customize the following foreground/background colors:
        • Black
        • Red
        • Green
        • Yellow
        • Blue
        • Magenta
        • Cyan
        • White
        • Other colors are only supported by the console (not by the editor).
      • Press 'Apply' button


    Store elements id's for optimus