New or Updated

Pants Support

Support for Pants build system.


Associative array auto-completion inferred from other functions (in other files).


Allows to run multiple run configurations at once: group multiple run configurations and start them in a single click.

LibGDX Inspections

This unofficial plugin adds a number of LibGDX related inspections and features to IntelliJ and Android Studio.

lsFusion support

Plugin adds editing and navigation support for lsFusion scripting files (*.lsf).

hybris integration

This plugin is an open source plugin for SAP Hybris Commerce integration.

Vaadin Designer

Vaadin Designer allows you to visually design user interfaces for your Vaadin applications using direct manipulation (WYSIWYG).

Illuminated Cloud

Illuminated Cloud is a powerful development tool hosted within JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA.


Support for the Dart programming language.

Stylus support

Stylus language support.