New or Updated


Official IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Spek.

ADB WiFi Connect

ADB WiFi Connect lets you manage ADB connected devices and remote connect to them.

Gradle Navigation

The Gradle Navigation Plugin for IntelliJ adds additional features to the standard Gradle plugin.


Alternative Textgen for JetBrains MPS using regular reduction rules.


Argus CIT plugin provides Jawa language support, and integrates Argus products (eg., Argus-SAF, jawa2java, etc) for Android APK analysis.

RAML Plugin For IntelliJ

RAML Plugin For IntelliJ.

CustomUI Tool Window

Plugin Function.

ANSI Highlighter

Feeling generous? leave a donation :) This plugin supports the rendering of the most common ANSI graphic rendition sequences under IntelliJ editor.


kotterknife plugin for kotlin.


Longevity macro support for IntelliJ IDEA.