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In MPS. By venca
MPS Ecma script support

ADB WiFi Connect

ADB WiFi Connect lets you manage ADB connected devices and remote connect to them.
Next version will allow for saving connections and reconnecting to them without cable.

Anko Support

In Languages. By yanex
Anko Android library support.


MetaR is a set of languages for interactive data analysis. Programs written with metaR generate to the R language, but are composable. MetaR includes simple languages that beginner data analysts can use, as well as a composable R language. Reference build: 1345, commit: 379c61ae8e7f4e72558e4142e060b798de885b99, branch: master


ANTLR and org.campagnelab.antrl.tomps languages. The ToMPS language helps develop ANTLR-compatible visitors to parse text into nodes of an MPS language. ToMPS also provide support to create concepts of a new MPS language (whose nodes will be populated by the parser), using the ANTLR grammar as a guide. Note that version 1.1.3 only includes the subset of ANTLR that we needed to model to implement the R language. Sadly, no documentation is available at this point and the language is unpolished. Reference build: 208 in branch master and with commit : 705fdcc29db0a8bb6e01439d4446f8120c82c8db.


The Nextflow workbench is a set of languages developed with the Jetbrains MPS Language Workbench that make it easier to write data analysis workflows with Nextflow 0.21.2 (see Reference build: 975, commit: 4ef174c87090e3640053132184da279faaf98155, branch: master


GobyWeb Interactive languages. This plugin is part of the NYoSh Analysis Workbench. See for more information. Build number: 50


NYoSh languages. This plugin is part of the NYoSh Analysis Workbench. See for more information. Build number: 50


Argus CIT plugin provides Jawa language support, and integrates Argus products (eg., Argus-SAF, jawa2java, etc) for Android APK analysis.

MPS BaseLanguage Extensions

In MPS. By venca
A set of handy extensions to BaseLanguage, such as tail recursion optimization and function memoization

Swagger Plugin

A plugin to help you easily edit Swagger specification files.

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IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Scio -

UUID Generator

In Editor. By leomillon
A universally unique identifier (UUID) generator.

For example : 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000.

You will find it in the Generate popup -> Random UUID.

Cucumber for Scala

Enables Reference tracking of glue code when using cucumber-scala DSL. Requires Scala language integration from Community Repo and the JetBrains cucumber plugin. Issue tracking at

Go language ( support plugin

Support for Go programming language. Please note, that the following features are available in Gogland but not in this plugin:
  • Navigation
    • Go to inheritor structures
    • Go to super interfaces
  • Type-aware completion (aka Smart completion)
  • Extract function refactoring
  • Implement type
  • Inspections and quick-fixes
    • Introduce method
    • Introduce field
    • Delete unused parameter
    • Show symbol duplicates
    • Add/delete missing/redundant expressions in case of assignment count mismatch
    • Properly implemented Duplicated symbols inspection
    • Recursive type detection
    • Invalid const initialization
  • Tests and coverage
    • Sub-tests support (runner, navigation, gutter actions)
    • Debugging tests
  • Debugger
    • Step out
    • 100x faster performance
  • General
    • Highlighting of go:generate comments
    • Quick documentation for struct fields
    • Semantic highlighting
    • Parameter name hints
    • SQL auto-injection

JLA Plugin

JLA Tools

Sql Generator

idea Sql Generator plugin


Thread dump visualizer plugin

Okey-doke Support

This plugin brings basic okey-doke support.

Approve tests by using the context popup menu or using Ctrl + F11 (⌘ + F11 on Mac).


Import an ecore metamodel into a language's structure. Right-click on a language's structure aspect and select Import Ecore.