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Lua language integration for IntelliJ
  • Some Automatic FrameXML Injections (World of Warcraft)
  • Type Inference Based Completions (Experimental)
  • Introduce Variable Refactoring (Experimental)
  • Modules support (Experimental)
  • Debugger (Experimental)
  • LuaDoc Creation, Highlighting and Folding
  • Live Templates ("Zen Lua")
  • Custom API Support including custom function signatures and documentation
  • Lua Standard Library Information via Quickhelp (ctrl-Q)
  • Goto Symbol
  • Safe Delete
  • Rename Identifier
  • JavaHelp For Lua 5.1
  • Go to definition
  • find usages
  • Code formatting
  • Speculative completion as an option (Settings|Lua)
  • Code completion
  • 1 quickfix
  • 6 code intentions
  • 11 code inspection
  • Script execution and run configurations
  • Kahlua REPL Console
  • Lua REPL Console
  • Structure view
  • Syntax checking
  • Highlighting of Upvalues, Parameters and Fields
  • Highlighting global vs local variables
  • Customizable Syntax highlighting
  • Code folding for code blocks and comments
  • Brace Matching for do blocks, long strings and comments, and (, { , [
  • Minor feature: comment in/out.

Weex Language Support

Weex Language support for Intellij.
Target weex version: 0.7+
  • weex file structural inspection
  • weex component tag completion and lint
  • weex component attributes completion and lint
  • lint and quick fix for mustache
  • references link and find usages support
  • custom weex rules support
  • open declaration for component
  • completion for JS
  • open document by tag
  • documents search

  • running and debug configuration support

For Chinese developers:
加入QQ群 335401226 更快地反馈问题和获取支持

This is an unofficial tool, but I will use my spare time to ensure support for it.
Welcome any feedback for this plugin or weex.

MaxCompute Studio

Changes in Version

  • Change: Remove limitation on service mode job submission
  • Bug fix: DDL submission issue on public projects

Changes in Version

  • Change: Update MaxCompute compiler version
  • Bug fix: Can't open help document in IDEA 2016.x

Changes in Version

  • Enhancement: Data preview performance
  • Bug fixes

Changes in Version

  • Bug fixes

Changes in Version 2.6.2:

  • Feature: Unstructured data handler template and examples
  • Feature: Support live template in SQL Editor
  • Feature: Support decimal type in data import/export
  • Feature: Support variable replacement in SQL script on submission
  • Feature: Table partition list and partition data preview
  • Feature: Running job progress visualization and replay
  • Enhancement: Job detail view UI enhancement
  • Enhancement: Job running log view performance enhancement
  • Enhancement: Add contextual help documentation for many dialogs
  • Enhancement: Job execution plan can display input/output table/view now
  • Enhancement: Better formatting of job json summary
  • Bug fixes: fixed some bugs

Changes in Version 2.6.1:

  • Fix some bugs

Changes in Version 2.6.0:

  • History job execution replay
  • Script mode submission (experimental feature)
  • Python UDF support (Alibaba internal use only)
  • Java UDF debugging (Alibaba internal use only)
  • D2 integration (Alibaba internal use only)


MaxCompute Studio is an intelligence tool for MaxCompute management and sql development.The plugin adds following functions:

  • MaxCompute sql language support
  • MaxCompute system connection

MaxCompute sql Language Support

The plugin recognize the MaxCompute sql (superset of HiveQL) and provides additional code editing supports:

  • Basic Features:
  • File type recognition (.sql, .odpsql, .q)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code block recognition and code folding
  • Navigation support (go to definitions / symbols / usages)
  • Commenting
  • Code formatting / beautify
  • Line marking (errors, specific statements, etc.)
  • Code templates

Advanced Features:

  • Code completion (context-awareness)
  • Inspections and quick-fixes
  • Intention actions
  • Code insights

MaxCompute system integration

The plugin integration make it possible to maintain connections to remote project on MaxCompute clusters and performall necessary development actions from the IDE without switching context.

  • MaxCompute Project explorer
  • MaxCompute Job submitter and explorer

Material Theme UI EAP

This will add the Material Theme look to your IDE.

Mathematica Support

Mathematica (Wolfram Language) support for IntelliJ IDEA

GitHub | Bug Tracker | Donate

This plugin turns your IntelliJ IDEA into a powerful coding environment for Mathematica. For more information check out the official website. I have started to create user-friendly documentation of various features on the Wiki pages of GitHub. If you want to discuss specific topics, then ping me ( halirutan) in the dedicated chat room on stackexchange.
  • Advanced syntax highlighting including patterns, anonymous functions, comment tags, and more
  • CamelHump autocompletion for all built-in Mathematica functions, local variables and package definitions
  • Smart completion for function options, messages and comment tags
  • Coloring and resolving of Module/Block/Table/... variables
  • Renaming of variables and functions
  • Code folding support for localization constructs like Module, With, Block, ...
  • Quick documentation lookup for all built-in symbols and operators
  • Structured View for package definitions
  • Correct display of Mathematica's named characters
  • Inspections for version mismatch of symbols, possible errors through multiplicaton at linebreak, and missing commas and semicolons
  • Autocompletion suggestions sorted by importance
  • Highlighting and smart inserting of braces, brackets and parenthesis
  • Quick navigation between symbol usages with Navigate - Related Symbol


Rust language support

Upsource Integration

Integration with JetBrains Upsource

Note: If you want to have access to the most recent bug fixes and features of the plugin, you can install it from the alpha channel. To do so please add the following custom plugin repository:


This plugin extends IntelliJ platform with Go-specific coding assistance and tool integrations, and has everything you could find in Gogland.

[JedIDE] Plugin for handy development with JetBrains IDEs

JedIDE is a SalesForce Apex IDE and plugin for IntelliJ platform. JedIDE simplifies development and deployment of Apex, VisualForce and other metadata types. JedIDE is available in two versions:
  • as a IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • standalone IDE based on IDEA Community Edition


The following features are available:
  • Offline validation (robust parser, type inference, detects unresolved references)
  • Incremental deploy/retrieve, smart check deploy conflicts
  • Code insight (Inspections, Intentions, Quick Fixes, Refactorings, Live Templates, Safe delete)
  • Rename refactorings
  • Code completion (postfix, statements, punctuation, type inference based)
  • Powerful navigation (Find In Path, Find Usages, Go To, Show Hierarchy)
  • Execute anonymous
  • Test framework
  • Log viewer
  • Code generation utils
  • Code coverage
  • Foldings
  • Structure view
  • Code formatting

Extra Actions

This plugin provides some additional actions:

Split Selection into Lines

Adds a new caret at each line of the selection, it works the same way as in Sublime Text.
Recommended shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+L

Split Selection

Splits selection into multiple carets by custom character(s).
Recommended shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+L

Toggle Quotes

Switches between single and double quotes inside a string literal. It works in most languages and with multiple carets. For JavaScript/CoffeeScript a plugin "JavaScript Intention Power Pack" must be enabled.
Recommended shortcut: CTRL+'

Break Quotes

Splits string literal at the caret position and adds concatenation
operators with the caret between them. For example:
var a = "Hello |world.";
will become
var a = "Hello " + | + "world.";.
It works in most languages and with multiple carets.
Recommended shortcut: CTRL+.

Move Caret to Next/Previous Paragraph

Moves caret to the first empty line.
Recommended shortcut: CTRL+DOWN/UP

Move Caret to Next/Previous Paragraph with Selection

Moves caret to the first empty line with selection.
Recommended shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN/UP

Select in Project

Shows current file in the project tool window.
Recommended shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+Y

Search Online

Searches the selection or word at the caret via Google.
Recommended shortcut: SHIFT+F1


No shortcuts are set by default. This is done to prevent conflicts.
You can easily set them by going to Settings|Keymap|Plugins|Extra Actions.


Gerrit Code Review Tool Integration

Only Gerrit 2.6 or newer is supported (missing / incomplete REST API in older versions)


  • Do reviews directly from your IDE (voting and commenting)
  • List and query changes
  • Optimized push dialog for Gerrit operations (refs/for, add reviewers, ...)
  • Compare (Diff) changes against your local clone (much more comfortable than in Web UI because of well known syntax highlighting and other IDE features)
  • Submit changes
  • Notifications for new changes which are waiting for your review
  • Cherry-Pick and checkout changes into your local clone
  • Star (and unstar) changes
  • File and line based comments (Gerrit 2.7 or newer only)
    Usage: Add new comments in file diff window with right click on line; remove not yet submitted comments with a click on comment icon. Comments need to be submitted with "Submit" or any "+/-" action.
  • Clone and set up Gerrit projects directly in IDE (commit-message-hook is automatically added)
  • Abandon changes
  • Publish and delete draft changes

If you find any issues, please report them (please use the GitHub issue tracker instead of review comments).

This plugin uses gerrit-rest-java-client for communication with Gerrit REST API. If you need to build a Java application which needs to communicate with Gerrit, this library probably supports you quite a lot.

If you like this plugin, you can support it:

  • Spread it: Tell your friends who are using IntelliJ and Gerrit about this plugin (or even bring them to use these fantastic products!)
  • Vote for it: Write your review and vote for it at the IntelliJ plugin repository.
  • Star it: Star it at GitHub. GitHub account required.
  • Improve it: Report bugs or feature requests. Or even fix / implement them by yourself - everything is open source!
  • Donate: You can find donation-possibilities in the README file.

Winstanley WDL

Winstanley provides WDL language support to the IntelliJ IDEA IDE. For the WDL language specification, see For a workflow engine runner which supports WDL, see


Plugin for Redis
Feel free to feedback


IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Scio -

Swift Mock Generator for AppCode

Automatically generate your mocks in one action.
  • Captures invocation status of a method.
  • Captures invoked method parameters.
  • Stub values for your mocks to return.
  • Automatically calls closure parameters with stubbed values.
  • Supports mocks conforming to one or or many protocols.
  • Handles overloaded method declarations.
  • Regenerate your mock in one action.
  • Supports associated types.
  • Respects public mocks and makes queries publicly available.
  • Records multiple invocations of methods and their parameters.

Command Line Tool Support

Supports command execution. Provides completion and parameter info for Zend Framework Tool, Symfony, third party command-line tools via XML descriptor.

Key Promoter X

This is a completely rewritten version of the original Key Promoter

GitHub | Bug Tracker | Donate

Shows the user the keyboard short-cuts when a button is pressed with the mouse. This provides an easy way to learn how to replace tedious mouse work with keyboard keys and helps to transition to a faster, mouse free development. Currently, it supports toolbar buttons, menu buttons, and tool windows and the actions therein.

The plugin was initially implemented by Dmitry Kashin and further improved by athiele. The version here is removes the custom pop-up window with IntelliJ internal message balloons. It, therefore, integrates much better into the IDE, fixes glitches and provides a more non-disruptive way of learning shortcut bindings.


Quokka is a rapid prototyping playground in your editor, with access to your project's files, inline reporting, code coverage and rich output formatting.

Makefile support

Support for UNIX Makefiles

ANSI Highlighter

This plugin supports the rendering of the most common ANSI graphic rendition sequences under IntelliJ editor. The following features are available:
  • Configurable 'ANSI Aware' file extensions:
    • Go to Preferences | Editor | File Types
    • Under 'Recognized File Types' select 'ANSI Aware'
    • Under 'Registered Patterns' add your custom 'ANSI Aware' file name patterns, *.log is added by default
    • Press 'Apply' button
  • Switch between Preview and Plain mode:
    • Right click on the editor
    • Press 'Switch to Edit/Preview Mode'
    • Alternatively use the shortcut 'ctrl meta A' while on the editor
  • Only the below graphic rendition codes are supported:
    • Reset code (0)
    • Bold code (1)
    • Italic code (3)
    • Single Underline code (4)
    • All text foreground color codes (30-37)
    • All text background color codes (40-47)
  • Customize ANSI colors:
    • Go to Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts | Console Colors
    • Expand 'ANSI Colors'
    • Customize the following foreground/background colors:
      • Black
      • Red
      • Green
      • Yellow
      • Blue
      • Magenta
      • Cyan
      • White
      • Other colors are only supported by the console (not by the editor).
    • Press 'Apply' button