New or Updated

HPE ALM Octane CI Integration

This plugin introduces easy ALM Octane integration through Jetbrains plugin repository, enabling ALM Octane to display Teamcity build pipelines and track build and test run results.

Black Duck Hub

This plugin provides ability to run a scan using the Black Duck Hub CLI on build input and/or output. You can scan multiple targets, fail builds based on Hub policies, and display Hub reports for a particular Build.

Pull Request Extra Information

Plugin to display the branch name of a pull request and get some extra information such as the
  • Branch name, and it will also be displayed as part of the TeamCity build number label
  • Author, assignee, participants who commented on the pull request
  • Pull request URL
  • Labels
When using this plugin with Hedwig and User Mapping, you will be able to send Slack/HipChat notification of the build failures to the pull request author, assignee, participants and the guy who triggered the build.
Below image shows the branch name injected as the build number for pull request 3516

AWS Cloudformation

Creates / Updates / Deletes / Validates aws cloudformation stacks.

Applitools Eyes

This plugin adds Applitools Eyes test results to your TeamCity build report.
Check out for more information.


[plugin by JetBrains] Plugin allowing to invite users to create or join TeamCity projects.

Phabricator integration

TeamCity Build Feature to report TeamCity builds to Phabricator

XebiaLabs XL Deploy

Publish and deploy a deployment package in XebiaLabs' Deployment Archive (DAR) format


Use the BrowserStack TeamCity plugin to easily integrate your TeamCity setup with BrowserStack. Use this plugin you can:

  1. Manage your BrowserStack credentials globally or per build job
  2. Set up and teardown BrowserStack Local for testing internal, dev or staging environments
  3. Embed BrowserStack Automate reports in your TeamCity job results


CatLight shows the status of TeamCity builds in tray, and notifies you about important events. CatLight app runs on Windows, OS X and Linux.

Gradle Cloud Services

In Build. By etienne
TeamCity plugin that integrates with Gradle Cloud Services. For every Gradle build run from TeamCity that publishes one or more build scans, the links to these build scans are shown in the Build Results view. The plugin also comes with integration into Slack, sending a notification to a user-configurable Slack webhook for every TeamCity build during which one or more build scans are published.

Snapshot dependency grouping by project

In UI. By pr0ff
This plugin allows group build dependencies by project. Useful with big projects

Debian Package Server

tcDebRepository provides a Debian Package server from within TeamCity.
Build your Debian packages in TeamCity, and tcDebRepository can serve them to your Debian (or Debian based) linux servers.

Then updating your server with the latest TeamCity build is as simple as:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install package_name

Config Transformations

Provides support of applying .net config transformations

Cached Subversion

Cached Subersion plugin provides support of caching subversion repositories on agent


Adds support for Swift to TeamCity

Virtual Cloud

TeamCity Virtual Cloud plugin provides support of virtual cloud (authorize/unauthorize real agents instead of run/stop cloud machine). Can be used for:
  1. preview teamcity cloud integration without real cloud
  2. authorize agent on demand
How it works
  1. Admin connects Virtual Cloud in Agent Cloud tab. In Agent images property add paths to configuration files of agents he want to connect to Virtual Cloud. This agent should be connected (authorized or not authorized)
  2. Plugin returns to teamcity new virtual image with name of this agent
  3. TeamCity starts that image to check of available properties
  4. Plugin changes config of the agent (write instance hash to property
  5. Agent reconnects to TeamCity with this property value and TemCity treat it as cloud instance (authorize automatically as virtual agent).
  6. After specific idle time TeamCity stops instance and plugin just unauthorize agent
  7. When compatible build starts and all compatible authorized agents are busy, then TeamCity starts that instance and go to step 4


The TeamCity Roundhouse plugin provides support of deploy database via roundhouse

Flowdock custom notifier

A custom TeamCity notifier that sends messages to Flowdock on build events.

Container cloud

This plugin implements "Agent cloud" functionality for running agents within containers, such as Docker. This allows an easy way to customize the build environment for every build, instead of maintaining a set of generalized build agent that should build anything, or having dozens of mostly idle specialized agents.

  • v0.0.3 - Adds support for authenticated Docker registries
  • v0.0.2 - Adds connection diagnostics as well as better timeout handling in Helios
  • v0.0.1 - Initial release, supports starting agents either by connecting to a Docker host either locally or over http(s), as well as Spotify's Helios container orchestration tool.