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Open in Git host

Opens a local file under Git version control in its remote host using the default browser. It can also optionally copy the URL to the clipboard.

After installing select your remote host in Settings → Other Settings → Open in Git host (currently supports GitHub, Stash, BitBucket, GitLab and GitBlit). Make sure you have registered your project's root under the version control settings. Preferences → Version Control (see unregistered roots)

To use, open a file that is under Git version control in the editor and select View → Open in Git host. You can also access this action through the Select target menu under Navigate → Select in. If you want to view a specific commit, you can do this by right clicking the commit from the VCS log tool window and selecting Open in Git host.

Note: The current branch is used unless it does not exist in your remote host in which case it defaults to the master branch.


Vagrant support Features:
  • Boxes management
  • Plugins management
  • Vagrant actions execution

Darkyenus Time Tracker

Simple plugin for lightweight tracking of time spent on project.
Adds a single status bar widget: click or type to start counting, click again to stop. Pauses the timer automatically when idle (after two minutes of inactivity). Time is saved in IDE's workspace files, does not clutter project's directory.
Right click timer widget for options.
Optional git VCS integration, injects the time it took to create the commit into the commit message.


Automatically track everything you do when you code. See reports and metrics in real-time and never forget again what you did on the code.


Provides ".ini" files support.

Apache config (.htaccess) support

Apache config (.htaccess) support

Command Line Tool Support

Supports command execution. Provides completion and parameter info for Zend Framework Tool, Symfony, third party command-line tools via XML descriptor.

Performance Testing

Plugin for automated execution of test scripts, capturing performance snapshots and gathering performance statistics.

Git Extender

Git Extender adds an option to Update All local branches tracking a remote for all git roots in the current project
Local branches that will be updated are the branches that exist locally and have been configured to track a remote branch.

It requires IDE version 2016.3 or higher and Java 8

It tries to fast-forward commits in remote branches to local branches. It can be configured through the settings to attempt a simple merge, if the local branch cannot be merged to the tracked remote using fast-forward only. In this case, if there are conflict errors, the merge will be aborted and an error notification will be shown. The update, then, should be performed manually for the reported branch, in order to resolve the conflicts. Any possible uncommitted changes to the current branch will be stashed
After updating a branch, if there were any file changes, they will be displayed in IntelliJ Version Control tab. Currently, the correct list of file changes (updated, created, removed) will be displayed. However, when performing a diff for files in a branch other than the currently checked out, the diff will most probably be incorrect.
This plugin is available under Apache License, Version 2.0 However, there are two special cases:
  • if you happen to be Yorgos, then you will have to pay the plugin author a hefty 10€ price for *each* branch updated
  • If you are Themistoklis, you will have to pay the plugin author 1€ each time you mention that during the plugin's update process, your PC load increases (it's your PC, not the plugin)

JSFL Support

Support of JSFL, the scripting language for automating Adobe Flash.


TOML language support


Rust language support

Elice Intellij Extension

Extension to elice platform for local development

Upsource Integration

Integration with JetBrains Upsource

Note: If you want to have access to the most recent bug fixes and features of the plugin, you can install it from the alpha channel. To do so please add the following custom plugin repository:

Spj Plugin

In Languages. By ky0314
Custom language plugin for 101NEO framework.
This plugin is the most sophisticated environment for developing 101NEO framework.

  • Completion and Annotations depending on Neo version and .prj settings
  • Syntax highlights
  • Changing highlight color settings
  • basic code formatting and indent
  • Structure view

DeltaHex Editor

In Editor. By hajdam

Hexadecimal editor based on deltahex library. Use "Open as Hex" action in context popup menu to edit files in projects.



  • Show data as hexadecimal codes and text preview
  • Insert and overwrite edit modes
  • Support for selection and clipboard actions
  • Support for undo/redo
  • Support for encoding selection
  • Support for showing unprintable/whitespace characters
  • Codes can be also binary, octal or decimal
  • Searching for text / hexadecimal code with matching highlighting
  • Delta mode - Changes are stored only in memory till save
  • Support for huge files


Enriches Git Integration with additional features [Home] [Issues]
  • Git status display - shows number of ahead / behind commits for current branch as status bar widget and Project View decoration on modules.
  • Status bar widget
    • tooltip shows info for all repositories
    • popup menu - status refresh
    • popup menu - repository fetch
  • Auto fetch - runs git fetch at fixed intervals
  • Push tags on current branch - available in VCS / Git
  • Behind tracker - shows notification when behind count of current branch changes and is non-zero
Configuration Settings / Other Settings / Git ToolBox Global
  • Git status display
    • status bar and Project View can be toggled independently
    • 3 display modes: arrows, arrow-heads, text
    • Project View
      • show status before location path or hide path entirely
      • customizable styling (color, bold/italics)
  • Behind tracker - toggle
Settings / Other Settings / Git ToolBox Project
  • Auto fetch - toggle and interval (in minutes)


Android sqlite interface generator.
Generates interfaces for safely running SQLite statements and
mapping back from a cursor.


Slim language support


This plugin provides basic Ember.js support to all JetBrains IDEs that support JavaScript.


  • Ember.js project discovery when imported from existing sources
  • Automatically sets the language level to ES6
  • Marks app, public and tests folders as source, resource and test folders
  • Marks node_modules and bower_components as library folders
  • Enable JSHint using .jshintrc
  • Quick navigation via Navigate → Class... and Navigate → Related Symbol...for all major app components
  • Generate Ember.js files via ember generate
  • Basic reference resolving and completion for e.g. DS.belongsTo('user')
  • Live Templates