New or Updated

Slack Notifier Plus

The main feature is that you can specify not exact branch name but the regexp branch mask.



Checkmarx CxSAST

Checkmarx plugin for the TeamCity build tool.

Amazon ECS Support

Supports AWS ECS cluster as a cloud provider allowing to dynamically start and stop containers with TeamCity agent to run builds.


Provide user mapping as parameters so other plugins can map a user to another name.


A configurable TeamCity plugin that notifies your Slack or Hipchat recipients.

HashiCorp Vault Support

The plugin allows connecting TeamCity to Vault, requesting new credentials when a build starts, passing them to the build script, and revoking them immediately when the...

Parasoft Findings

The Parasoft Findings plugin is designed to be used in a post test-execution build step that integrates functional and unit test reports generated by Parasoft tools into...