Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Nov 13, 2006
Support for parser server-side scripting language (for IDEA 5.1 only $( ). More about the language on

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Recent change notes

  • Return type support for methods added (where possible)

General usage instructions

The plugin was built and thus tested on IDEA 5.1.2 I hope it works on other 5* versions but am not sure of that. I does not work in IDEA 6 - i did not have time to port it.

After you install the plugin (using setting - plugins) it adds a support to *.p files by default, treating them as Parser files.

Each file can include other parser files in one of the following ways:
  • @USE
    in the beginning of the file or
  • ^use[filename] elsewhere.

For these things to work and for the first one to complete you need to specify classpath(s). That is done via settings - project settings - parser classpaths.

After that you can get completion of methods, objects (variables), parameters and classes, highlighting, go-to-definition of these methods, classes, objects and very basic yet time-saving introduce variable (same Ctrl-Alt-V) action.

Unfortunately, rename refactoring and find usages do not work.