Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Sep 20, 2006
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Lets you instantly try running plugin components like Intentions, Inspections and Actions in the current IDE instance.

Just open a source file extending AnAction, IntentionAction, or LocalInspectionTool and hit Ctrl-Shift-F10 to run it, just like a JUnit test or Java Application. It will be installed in your current IDEA instance and ready to go. To uninstall, just click the X in the Run Configuration window. HotPlugin can display System.out.println() calls in the window, and monitor the idea.log file to help with debugging.

  • Intentions should appear immediately, as a light bulb, when the isAvailable() method returns true.
  • Inspections should appear after a code change, if one of the check methods return a ProblemDescriptor. Note that you might have to enable it in the Errors settings window if you haven't overridden isEnabledByDefault()
  • Actions will be linked to a button on the Run Configuration window, and context menu items on the editor and project windows. Just click them to activate the action.

Due to IDEA's plugin system, HotPlugin can't test all types of plugins, particularly ones dealing with interaction with other components and saving configuration but is good for rapid development and testing parts of a plugin. When you get to the stage of testing the whole plugin, use the standard DevKit "Plugin" run configuration to start a new instance of IDEA and test your plugin fully.

Note that it is possible to write code that will mess up your current IDE session by going into infinite loops or manually adding listeners to IDE hooks which can't be cleaned up. If this happens, a restart of IDEA will reset everything.

Enjoy. Any suggestions for enhancements are welcome. The source is available via Subversion at