Discord Integration

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion GoLand DataGrip Rider MPS Android Studio
Apr 07, 2018
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Discord Integration Publishes rich presence information about your current project to Discord. For bugs or feature requests visit the official github or contact me on Discord ( Almighty Alpaca#6242). Features:
  • Shows the Project and File as well as the IDE and language you're using in Discord
  • Shows beautiful icons for you the IDE and language
  • Supports a wide range of languages
  • Automatically hides when you go AFK
  • Somewhat secretive? Hide your project quickly with the quick settings button
  • Highly configurable via the plugin's settings menu
  • Works even if you have multiple IDEs open at the same time and syncs across all of them

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Recent change notes

v0.8.0 - Project descriptions and even more languages
  • Added the ability to add project descriptions (#24)
  • Added Dart (#30)
  • Added option to hide files (#23)
  • Added Twig (#26)
  • Added Sass (#25)
  • Added PowerShell (#29)
  • Updated JGroups to 4.0.11
  • Updated Java-DiscordRPC to v1.3.6
v0.7.2 - Fixed ghost files
  • Fixed ghost files
v0.7.1 - Debugging and experimental options
  • Fixed wrong artifact
v0.7.0 - Debugging and experimental options
  • Added Ceylon (#20)
  • Clearing the presence should now work better
  • Added experimental and debug settings
    • Added option to enable debug logs
    • Added option to enable the experimental VisibleAreaListener
v0.6.0 - More languages & options, quick settings button and bug fixes
  • Added an option to reset the open time after an inactivity timeout
  • Added Handlebars.js (#16)
  • Added Shell (#18)
  • Added Elixir (#17)
  • Added Erlang
  • Added option hide the presence after a period of inactivity (#10)
  • Fixed switching between multiple projects (#12)
  • The RPC connection will now be closed if there's nothing to show
  • Added a button to fast enable/disable rich presence per project
  • Added Golo
  • Added .htaccess
  • Added .cxml and .fxml to XML
  • Added Git
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationExceptions when running multiple instances
v0.5.0 - Settings and more
  • Added Vue.js
  • Fixed file name change handling
  • Fixed rare issue with locale settings (#13)
  • Added YAML
  • Updated Java-DiscordRPC to v1.3.1 and utilized it's new equals methods
  • Implemented settings menu (#15)
v0.4.0 - More languages, faster sync and a small bug fix
  • Fixed elapsed time
  • Sync is now done after a small delay which will speed up the process if you open multiple files rapidly
  • Fixed compatibility with Android Studio
  • Added TypeScript (#8)
  • Added Lua
v0.3.0 - Some bug fixes and new assets
  • Fixed name for files without extension
  • Added MPS
  • Fixed C++ and C# asset names
  • Added CMake as language
  • Fixed NPE on older versions of CLion (#5)
  • Updated Java-DiscordRPC to v1.3.0
v0.2.0 - Language and IDE Info
  • The IDE distribution and the language of the current file are now shown as images of the rich presence.
v0.1.0 - Birth
  • Initial Release