Sketch It!

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Dec 06, 2018
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SketchIt! is a reverse-engineering plugin that generates UML diagrams from your code in the PlantUML format. For this reason, it works perfectly with plugin PlantUML integration (In its current version, it has only been tested with Java code)

To generate or refresh diagrams, nothing more simple; let's go to the Tools menu and select "Sketch It! (generate UML diagrams)"

  • Generate a component diagram at the project root
  • Generate a light class diagram per module
  • Generate a detailed class diagram per package
  • Generate methods inside classes
  • Generate attributes inside classes
  • Generate inheritance relationships between classes
  • Generate association relationships between classes
  • Generate inner-classes relationships
  • Distinguish classes, abstract classes, interfaces, enumerations
  • Generate possible values for enumeration
  • Generate visibility for methods and attributes
  • Distinguish static methods and attributes

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