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Feb 14, 2018
Save Notes that belong to the project

You can save notes that belong to the project. They will be saved in the .idea-folder.

So if you don't track your .idea-folder with git, the notes are also not tracked.

So you can call it "private notes".

This plugin needs MarkdownSupport

General usage instructions


IntelliJ - Plugin IntelliJ (and all intellij based IDEs) from jetbrains can use plugins to expand the range of functions. This is a Plugin for all intellij-based IDEs.

What can I do with this ?

With this plugin, you can save some notes to your project on an very easy way. It's markdown-format - so you can ease format your notes. The notes will be stored in .idea folder - so normally they will not be tracked by a version system (like git), if you exclude your .idea -folder from git.

If you **want** to be your notes to be tracked by git, you can add this line into your .gitignore file: !.idea/ The plugin requires the MarkDownSupport Plugin If you don't want to changes in markdown-format, you can use the Plugin CurNotes instead of this (CurNotesMDs).

Jörg Wrase