NUKE Support

Compatible with Rider
Jan 07, 2019

NUKE Support

This extension adds gutter marks for build targets. By hitting Alt-Enter, targets can be invoked in run mode. A submenu also allows to invoke targets in debug mode, and choose whether to include or exclude dependencies. It also adds an ntarget live-template to write new targets more quickly.

About NUKE

Founded in April 2017, NUKE is a free, open-source build automation system for C#/.NET that runs cross-platform on .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Mono. While builds are bootstrapped with conventional Bash or PowerShell scripts, their actual implementation resides in simple C# console applications. This approach unleashes the power of the type system and natively provides IDE features like code-completion, refactorings, and debugging. A custom global tool and several IDE extensions further improve how build projects are setup, authored and executed.

Recent change notes

- Added target snippet available via `ntarget`
- Added `GlobalNukeTargetExecution` action for global execution of targets from anywhere
- Added custom run configurations (Rider)