Doki Doki Literature Club Theme

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion GoLand DataGrip Rider MPS Android Studio
Feb 10, 2019
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Built on top of Material UI
This will add the DDLC Theme look to your IDE.


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Recent change notes



  • Class icons are now themed to the current club member.
  • Changed function icons to be λ


  • Updated plugin display icon.


  • Updated to Material UI version 3.5.0


  • Enhanced Dark theme contrast for select club members.
    • The Monika and Natsuki dark themes have been adjusted slightly to become more consistent with the dark Sayori and Yuri themes.
    • Be sure to take a look when you get the chance!


  • The "Run All Tests in File" gutter icon is now clearly visible on all color schemes.
  • AppCode Directory icons no longer clash with the light themes.
  • DataGrip Foreign Key column indicator now conforms to the Doki Icon Theme.
  • The "Open" icon in the toolbar conforms to the current color scheme completely now.
  • Project Tree Directory icons are now more visible in the light themes.


  • Compatible with Android Studio release candidate 3.3.


  • Updated to Material UI version 3.3.0
    • For best results please consider upgrading your JetBrains IDEs to build 2018.3.2 or greater


  • You can use Material UI and The Doki-Doki Theme side-by-side now!

  • Installing the Material UI and the Doki-Doki Theme will now work independently of each other! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

  • Switching between themes should work fairly seamlessly.
    • For best results you could restart the IDE to remove theme residue.
  • The 2018.3 builds of the JetBrain's IDEs are now better supported!

  • You should probably move to those updated IDEs if you have not already done so. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
  • All known progress indicators now conform more to the icon update


  • Updated Material UI Core to v2.10.6
    • Small Syntax highlight fixes
    • More File icons
    • Less font issues


  • Enhanced UnInstallation Experience.
    • When you choose to uninstall/deactivate the plugin, DDLC artifacts will no longer remain in your IDE. (No more special steps)


  • Progress Indicators now conform more to the icon update.


  • More Doki-Doki inspired IDE icons! 💕


  • Now up do date with Material UI version 2.9.5!
    • New and Fixes for Material Icons is the most noticeable.


  • A bunch of small tweaks!
    • Monika's Writing Tip of the Day works the same throughout all ides!
    • Inactive text in the IDE now is readable.
    • Natsuki's light theme's dropdown row selections look the same on all operating systems.
    • Removed unnecessary DDLC Toolbar options.
      • You can still fully configure the plugin in the advanced settings (eg. "Settings -> Appearance & Display -> DDLC Theme").


  • Updated the location as to where local chibis are stored.
    • You should no longer find a random club_member directory in places it should not be :)


  • Updated the initial user experience to let you know that the chibis will stick around when you uninstall the plugin
  • More remembering your preference as to when you want the club members enabled or not.
  • Chibis and Background images are no longer on by default (if you have them on now you should be okay :)


  • When editing a non-project file (in dark mode), it is to easy to distinguish that you are currently doing that.


  • When at a paused breakpoint and navigating the call stack, the execution point now to conforms to the color scheme of the current club member.


Sometimes, when you're writing a poem - or a story - your brain gets fixated on a specific point. If you try so hard to make it perfect, then you'll never make any progress. Just force yourself to get something down on the paper, and tidy it up later! Another way to think about it is this: if you keep your pen in the same spot for too long, you'll just get a big dark puddle of ink. So just move your hand, and go with the flow!


  • Android Studio 3.1 Support!
    • Running the plugin in the most up to date actually works (unlike when I said it worked when it actually didn't ;)


  • Windows Support!
    • Running the plugin in any JetBrains IDE now looks like it should (less grey, more color)


  • Dark Themes are now available!!
    • Your favorite club member now has a light and dark theme!
    • Simply just Toggle Dark Mode to switch between light and dark!
    • Dark Chibi's can be swapped using Swap Chibi (for less yandere club members).
  • The Menu and Right Click Drop down windows no longer have different color separators.
  • Toggle Joyfulness became Swap Chibi
  • Automatic File Scope color application.
  • Enhanced Light Theme Contrast (Most notably title headers and primary buttons)


  • Up to date with upstream's version 2.8.3


  • Up to date with upstream's version 2.8.2


  • Version control annotations are now actually usable.


  • Added Club Member Chibi Support on Windows!
  • More able to hide the background image when club members are toggled.


  • Changed "Monkia" to "Monika"


  • Now up to date with v2.7.0
    • 2018.2 Build Support!
    • Theme Wizard!


  • The chibis now have toggleable emotions!


  • Color coordination for themes should remain consistent for intellij 2018.2+ :)


  • Enhanced lookup window usability.


  • Updated to upstreams' version of


  • Editor frames now have images of your current club member of choice.


  • Increased usability of Sayori's theme when comparing differences.


  • Increased usability of the code lookup/autocomplete window.


  • Now up to date with 2.4.1


  • Readable file differences
  • Slight change to Monika's editor colors
  • Better VCS line changed colors.


  • Fork is now up to date with version
    • This means tha the google analytics is in here as well


  • Testing plugin publishing
  • New Color Schemes for each Club Member (Not Final)
  • Fixed issue with WebStorm not showing club members.


  • Better plugin links :)


  • Release