Netease Cloud Agents

Compatible with TeamCity
Jan 30, 2019
Teamcity Netease (163yun) Cloud Agent

Run teamcity agents on 163yun container service.


Tested on teamcity 2018.1.x.

163yun: currently only support cn-east-1b zone (in vpc).


Install plugin and

Agent Env
  • docker_in_docker mode
  • A high performance cloud disk is created and reused, mounted to /var/lib/docker/. It will not delete after agent destroy.
  • cloud disk will cache docker images, yarn cache, gradle home and teamcity agent working directory.
  • with following envs:
    • SERVER_URL (for agent official image)
    • DOCKER_IN_DOCKER: start (for docker in docker support)
    • ENV_INSTANCE_ID (an internal agent id)
    • YARN_CACHE_FOLDER: /var/lib/docker/yarn/
    • GRADLE_USER_HOME: /var/lib/docker/gradle/
    • AGENT_OPTS: workDir=/var/lib/docker/tc/work/ tempDir=/var/lib/docker/tc/temp/
  • Currently java SDK is not provided by 163yun. A jython runtime is included in plugin for api. This will be deleted once java SDK is provided.

Recent change notes

Discard NetEase high-performance container and SSD. Fix memory leak. Correctly remove cloud agents.