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Apr 05, 2017
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I am considering rewriting this plugin from scratch. If you like to contribute some ideas, let me know on Github.

A plugin for keeping a list of tasks. A todo-list if you like.

This plugin is a fork of the original plugin with permission of Sergiy Dubovik

To contact me directly:

Bugs can be reported here:

Recent change notes

Version 1.8.4 changes


  • Updated the plugin to work with other applications built on the IntelliJ platform. (Tested with PyCharm 2017 and CLion 2017)

Version 1.8.3 changes


  • Updated to IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1


  • Intention: switched content of and
  • Removed null from tooltip
  • AWT events are not allowed inside write action (

Version 1.8.2 changes


  • "TaskSettings" appeared to be a reserved name. Had to change it to "TaskPluginSettings". Because of the name change, you will have to redo your settings

Version 1.8 changes


  • Full Drag and Drop support
  • Button for "Mark uncompleted"
  • Added frequently used functions on the toolbar
  • Tasks now have a long description
  • Start/stop buttons for keeping real-time track of spent time
  • Updated settings storage to Idea12 standards
  • Removed unnecessary code.
  • Made TaskSettings and TaskModel an applicationService
  • Expand/Collapse All buttons
  • Title can be edited directly in the tree by pressing F2
  • Changed e.isRightMouseButton() to e.isPopupTrigger()


  • updated to IntelliJ IDEA 12
  • Set default button on TaskForm
  • Disabled DnD when using filters and groups
  • Tree is updated per node, instead of an entire update


  • Updated Copyright notice to 2013