ApexSQL DevOps toolkit

Compatible with TeamCity
Nov 01, 2018
The ApexSQL DevOps toolkit is a set of components and scripts that integrate with ApexSQL SQL developer tools to create SQL Server database continuous integration and delivery automation pipelines The TeamCity plug-in extends SQL Server DevOps capability to the TeamCity build-server ecosystem. With the plug-in present on a TeamCity continuous integration server, TeamCity users can implement various steps to construct CI and/or CD pipelines for SQL Server build automation, directly from TeamCity See alsoApexSQL DevOps toolkit product page • System requirements • (Video) An introduction to SQL Server database continuous integration with the ApexSQL DevOps toolkit – TeamCity plugin

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Recent change notes

  • Continuous integration:
    • Build a SQL Server database directly from source control and optionally include static data
    • Fill empty tables with synthetic data
    • Integrate trigger-based audit trails and reporting into change sensitive database objects
    • Generate full or differential documentation for the SQL Server database
    • Test SQL Server database using unit tests
    • Enforce database best practices by reviewing, detecting and fixing issues
    • Create a clean database package for easy deployment
    • Publish package to a designated NuGet feed
  • Continuous delivery:
    • Compare SQL Server database schemas and create a script for schema synchronization
    • Compare SQL Server static data and create a script for data synchronization
    • Push schema and data changes to a target database
  • Archive all output files in a central folder
  • Automatically create rollback scripts
  • Flexible pipelines