Alibaba Cloud Toolkit

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Feb 15, 2019
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Alibaba Cloud Toolkit is a plugin for IDEs such as Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA. Help developers develop more efficiently , test, diagnose, and deploy applications that are suitable for cloud operations.

Why use Alibaba Cloud Toolkit?

  • Zero cost:Free for all developer
  • Extremely efficient:Get rid of past recurring deployment methods, plug-in automated deployment

Three use scenarios, simple and convenient, get started quickly

  • Deploy to ECS.There is no need to switch between Maven, Git, and other O&M scripts and tools, and developers can configure it on a graphical interface to deploy applications to ECS in a sustainable and convenient manner.
  • Deploy to EDAS.Enterprise Distributed Application Services EDAS is a PaaS platform for applications and microservices that offers a wide range of application delivery and lightweight microservice solutions. For Alibaba Cloud EDAS developers, local applications and cloud deployments have been opened on the plugin.
  • Deploy to Kubernetes.Container Services Kubernetes Edition provides high-performance, scalable container application management capabilities that support full lifecycle management of enterprise-class Kubernetes containerized applications. For Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes developers, local applications and cloud deployments have been opened on the plugin.

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Recent change notes


  • 应用部署增加上传进度显示
  • 支持自定义机器模糊搜索
  • 修复应用部署时出现的中文乱码问题
  • 优化 IntelliJ 内置 Terminal UI 布局,并修复多窗口模式下,Terminal 漂移问题
  • Upload progress display: Upload progress display when application deployment
  • Host fuzzy Search: Support custom machine fuzzy search
  • Fix Chinese garbled problems when deploying applications
  • Optimize IntelliJ's built-in Terminal UI layout and fix Terminal drift issues in multi-window mode

General usage instructions

安装指南:Alibaba Cloud Toolkit 安装指南 使用指南一:部署 Java 应用程序到阿里云 ECS 如果你是在 Eclipse 平台上开发,请移步 Eclipse 版:

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