Fitnesse Integration

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jul 07, 2008
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This plugin provides integration with Fitnesse Acceptance Testing Framework(

there is a mailing list for feature requests, bugs, and other comments:

Here are the features:

  • syntax highlighting
  • start/stop and configuration of fitnesse server
  • navigation between wiki markup and fixture (not implemented yet)
  • stubbing of tables and fixtures (not implemented yet)

How to use:

  • When the plugin is installed the syntax highlighting takes over *.txt files and provides fitnesse wiki highlighting.
  • To disable support goto File > Settings > Fitnesse
  • To run fitnesse go to Run > Edit Configurations... > Add New Configuration, and select Fitnesse Server. Then you can configure the parameters for running fitnesse from within IDEA.

Known Isuues:

  • When wanting to disable syntax highlighting of *.txt files it is neccessary to restart IDEA. I am not sure why.
  • An unwanted default port of 0 is set when creating a new fitnesse run configuration.
  • The Fitnesse Run/Debug Configuration does not work under linux even though the command works fine on the command-line.

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