Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Mar 12, 2007

A plugin that eases the navigation through the elements of a project and the execution of actions on those elements.

Please visit the home page of this plugin for a walkthrough that shows how the plugin works.

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Recent change notes


  • Added an icon for NaviActionPad's configuration
  • Added a new IDEA action that brings up NaviActionPad with the list of actions available for the selected element
  • Note: Ihe id of the up to now sole action in NaviActionPad has changed. You will need to reassign the key mapping in case you have changed it.
  • Reworked entry point recognition. It's more intuitive now. When the cursor is inside a method - no matter if it is on some element or in some whitespace region - NaviActionPad will show up with that method selected.
  • Removed navigation to local variables and method parameters.Only directories, classes, methods and fields are navigatable.
  • Option to group directories in the list added
  • The list of actions is now also sorted
  • Fixed bug: Navigation points for superclass members used the superclass as their contexts. Now they use the class for which they are listed.


  • Now with configuration: You can configure the size of the list
  • When showing the contents of a class, the members of the superclasses can also be shown. With this feature all available members of a class can be seen - not only the members implmented in that class.
  • Navigation points for modules and projects
  • On elements that are not writable - e.g. classes from the libraries - only actions that don't change them are shown.
  • Java class files are skipped during the navigation. Only their contained classes are shown.
  • Navigating into libraries and JDKs is now possible.
  • Action for superclass extracting added.


  • Two more actions
  • Cosmetics


  • Filter now works. Just start typing and see how the list is filtered.
  • The context of the current list now also has an icon.
  • More actions - still not enough ;)
  • NaviActionPad is now extendable. There is now an extension point for actions.
  • Internal refactorings

General usage instructions

After pressing Alt-F11 the NaviActionPad Popup appears showing the selected element (of the current editor or project view) and its siblings. Press the left cursor key to show the parent of the element and the siblings of its parent. Press the right cursor key to show the list of children of the selected element. Press CRRL and right cursor key to show the list of available actions for the selected element (refactorings, searches etc.). Press Enter to execute the action of the selected element in the list. If the selected element is an action, the action will be executed. If the selected element is a project element (file, class, method etc.) an editor will be opened for that element.