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Feb 25, 2019
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See the list of assigned Bitbucket Server pull-requests, approve them, checkout corresponding branches using Git

Check readme for the latest info about the plugin. Report any issue to the GitHub tracker or email to

Recent change notes

v.0.2 New visual interface, pull requests' merging, automatic git pull after branch checkout v.0.1.1 2019.01.25 Minor bug fixes v.0.1: 2019.01.21 First public version is released

General usage instructions

To configure the plugin open Settings window, navigate to myBibucket section, enter the base url with protocol, project and repository name (usually any pull request’s url contains them in the following format: /projects/PROJECT_NAME/repos/REPOSITORY_NAME/pull-requests/id) and a username. Then open myBibucket tab and enter your password. If everything is fine, you will see a list of pull-requests assigned to you. If you don’t see any, check Idea’s event log for errors.