Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Oct 31, 2006
Enables the rapid development, testing and monitoring of SOA applications.

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General usage instructions

The comprehensive users guide is available at http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/display/CONTEST/MidStream and in the plugin’s ’docs’ directory. See ’%INTELLIJ_INSTALL%/plugins/MidStream/docs’.

Some of MidStream’s feature highlights are:

  • No More Command-Line Development

    • Between MidStream’s wizards and the standard IDE functions, developers should not have to utilize the command-line for any development tasks

  • Initial MidStream project creation

    • Creates preferred directory structure with IDE project files

    • Installs the latest base libraries

  • Dependency Management

    • Provides a wizard to connect to Maven2 repositories to add/update a project’s dependent libraries

    • Enables easy removal of project libraries

  • Service-component stub generation (with configuration and unit tests)

    • Remote service components (Java/HTTP, XML/HTTP*, XML-RPC*, SOAP*)

    • JMS receivers

    • Scheduled service components

  • Client-component stub generation (with configuration and unit tests)

    • Data access objects (DAO)

    • Configuration beans

    • Cache beans

    • XML-RPC Clients

    • HTTP Clients

    • Socket Clients (Secure/Non-secure)

    • JMS Message Producer

    • SOAP Web Service Clients

  • ’MDS Test’ for performing integration/functional MidStream tests

    • Provides a wizard for the creation and maintenance of both remote and free-form MDS tests

    • Enables the running of MDS tests from the IDE

  • Application Context viewing

    • Enables developers to graphically view how the application’s services and components are wired together

    • Bean definition management

    • Enables developers to create bean definitions from existing POJOs

    • Enables developers to graphically wire bean’s together (creating new properties as needed)