Code Outline

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jul 08, 2005
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Shows a zoomed out "outline" of your code while you're editing it.

Recent change notes

Works with latest IDEA 5.0 build.

General usage instructions

  • Left mouse button: Go to position in file (do not expand fold region)
    • Double-click: Go to position in file, expand fold region if necessary
    • Ctrl+Left button: Go to position in file, no smooth scroll
    • Shift+Left button + drag: Select text
  • Middle mouse button + drag: "Preview scroll" to position in file (snaps back to original position when you release the mouse button)
    • Ctrl+Middle button + drag: "Preview scroll" to position, no smooth scroll
  • Right mouse button: Popup menu / preferences
  • Mouse wheel: Scroll page up/down