Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Dec 21, 2004
Enables [Ctrl-B] in text files and java comments, to jump to files/classes under the cursor.
Anchors are recognized (ex: ../bug.txt#bug001-001)
Super-Anchors add persistent highlighting (ex: ../bug.txt##bug001-001)

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Recent change notes

v 0.4: (see changes)
new: [Shift-Ctrl-B]: closes automatically the source editor, after reaching the link target.
new: [Ctrl-Q] on file part (before the '#') => displays active list of anchors
new: [Ctrl-Q] on anchor part (after the '#') => displays anchor home line
Code completion of class names, in text editors (press [Ctrl-Space] after java.lang. ) .
v 0.3: [Ctrl-B] now active in java comment areas (//,/* and /**).
v 0.2: added: anchors (ex: ../bug.txt#bug001-001)
, and super-anchors (ex: ../bug.txt##bug001-001).
v 0.1: activates [Ctrl-B] in text files.