Save ChangeList Patches

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Aug 28, 2016
Saves each changelist as a patch in the location set in configuration.

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Recent change notes

Added option to also save shelved change lists and various other minor changes

General usage instructions

Creates patch files for every changelist in version control. The destination file path is set in the config of the plugin located under Project Settings. There is also an option to automatically save all changelists as patches on close of IntelliJ. To create the patch files, find the option "Save Changelists As Patches" under version controls menu. Good for teams where individuals are working on several different tasks on the same project concurrently. If someone is out, the rest of the team can carry on their work if they have a patch, better yet, a patch specific to the task from a changelist instead of every change the missing person may have made to the project. Problem is, going through every changelist to create a patch is a bit tedious. Here is where this plugin comes in, making creating patches every day a bit easier and more attractive.