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Nov 20, 2017
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Recent change notes

0.11.2: (Haxe Foundation Release) Parsing fixes: - Expressions inside of type parameters. - Make sequential operators cause syntax errors. - Allow anonymous local function declarations. - External function declarations with simple bodies getting 'Unexpected semicolon' messages. - Custom meta-data with empty parenthesis. - Named nested (local) function declarations. - Prototype functions in abstract .types. - Allow @arrayaccess - Array access where the name is parenthesized. - Allow @Final on property declarations. - Allow and recover from variable declarations that don't require a semicolon (e.g. preceded by a block). - Allow trailing comma inside of an object literal. - Allow trailing comma at the end of an array literal. - Block statements when used as an initializer. Fix NPE when haxelib.json was missing from a library. Fix an exception when the Haxe SDK is set up incorrectly. Added Adobe AIR target Refactor haxelib library dependency detection and project update. For FindUsages, ask whether to search for base class/interface usages. Fix bug with environment variables not being passed through to forked processes in some cases. (Issue #659) Add haxelib and neko directories to (the start of) the Path before forking a process. Better tracking of settings changes. Better parsing of HXML/lime (or "haxelib run lime") output. Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException when checking for static extensions and static member methods have no parameters. (Issue #652) Better parser recovery for "extends" and "implements" statements. (Issue #137) Fixed identifier resolving for dot-references defined in "type params." (Issue#674) Fixed parameter count resolution for anonymous functions. (Partially closes issue #521.) Add neko and haxelib directories to the PATH/Path environment variable when running plugin commands (affects lime, etc.). Better cache coherency for completions. Improved hxml parsing. Added mechanism to track project and module settings changes. Improve locating files when traversing the stack frames during debugging.

General usage instructions

Installation instructions are available at http://intellij-haxe.org/wiki/installation. Please report issues at our bug tracker https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/intellij-haxe/issues.