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Dec 01, 2018
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Recent change notes

1.1 (HaxeFoundation release)

  • Added support of haxe 4 syntax "enum abstract".
  • Add support of final syntax introduced in Haxe 4.
  • Add support of new function types syntax introduced in Haxe 4.
  • Increased responsiveness in UI, annotations, and other operations that look up type information by a factor of 10.
  • Now infers generic types from map and array literals. (e.g. ["this" => "yours"] is Map).
  • Now resolves typedefs to underlying types. (e.g. `var v:Null` is resolved as a `String` type.)
  • Now propagates type parameters (generics) properly through typedefs.
  • Now resolves types when used with array access (e.g. `map[0].length` no longer marked as errors).
  • Now infers types of methods without specific typing (e.g. `map.get(0).length` no longer marked as errors).
  • Added support of read/write access separation for "find usages".
  • Inspections for non-haxe files disabled. (Issue #875)
  • Fixed recognizing type of "this" expression.
  • Fixed bug when physical variables were marked as not real.
  • Fixed searching of interface implementations and inheritance hierarchy.
  • Added find usages support for constructors. (Issue #530)
  • Fixed find usages support for properties.
  • Add completion dropdown when ':' is typed and a type is expected.
  • Fix of support of explicit abstract forwards. Now fields and methods that have not been forwarded will not be resolved as valid.
  • Fixed recognition of standard types.
  • Fixed NPE that occurred if current project sdk was not properly configured.
  • Fix indents for anonymous structures fields and extends list.
  • Fix indents for fat arrow expressions.
  • Fix parsing of anonymous type with empty body.
  • Add anonymous types in anonymous types support.
  • Add anonymous structures names support.
  • Added chained anonymous fields recognition.
  • Add proper generics propagation for anonymous structures, typedefs and classes.
  • Add generic constraint support.
  • Add Null<T> support.
  • Add proper from-to declaration support, types infer and compatibility checks.
  • Fix referenced var-init support check.
  • Automatically change references when moving a class across packages.
  • Add super() call when generating override methods.
  • Generate module and automatically set up SDK, libraries, and run configurations on "Import project from sources."
  • Create "Hello World" example as initial content for new projects.
  • Auto-open Main.hx when creating a new module.

General usage instructions

Installation instructions are available at http://intellij-haxe.org/wiki/installation. Please report issues at our bug tracker https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/intellij-haxe/issues.