OS Gosu

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
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IntelliJ IDEA plugin for the Gosu programming language. The plugin enables you to:
  • Create Gosu classes, programs, etc.
  • Syntax highlighting and error highlighting
  • Go to Declaration (including Quick Definition lookup);
  • Code completion
  • Parameter information
  • Find Usages
  • Rename and Move refactorings
  • Code formatter
  • Code inspections and intentions
  • Structure View (including the File Structure Popup)
  • Hierarchy view
  • Go to Class, Go to Symbol
  • Brace matching
  • Code folding
  • Javadoc
  • Launch Gosu programs directly via IJ run configurations
  • Debug Gosu
  • JUnit integration
  • Gosu scratchpad
  • Incremental Gosu compiler
  • Custom typeloader support
  • Hyperlink to Gosu from stack traces

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