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Jul 03, 2015
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Open files quickly by organizing them in seperate lists. The lists are defined by going to [Settings|TabSwitcher Extreme] and specifying regex patters for their (full) filenames, e.g.

.*xml for files ending with .xml
.*Activity_.* for files with "Activity_" in their name

(One list per line)

If any file is not matched by any of the regex patterns, a new list named "Other" is created, where it is then placed.

Initially the plugin binds under alt-A, but one might bind it under ctrl-tab as this is where the standard switcher is.
Usage: Hold alt, press A to activate the plugin. Keep holding alt while moving the selection around using arrow keys and pageup and pagedown.

Obviously, the plugin needs work, but it's functional. Plugin on github

Thanks to Bas Leijdekkers for the original plugin (github) this one is based off of.

Download plugin

Recent change notes

1.0.5: Fix jumping to editor that was dragged outside of main window 1.0.4: Allow cycling through history with repeated keypressed. i.e. alt+a>a>a (or ctrl+tab>tab>tab). Without shift it cycles to older files, with shift to newer files. 1.0.3: Allow filenames in lists to remove certain parts (extension, prefix, any regex will do) 1.0.2: Remember desired position in lists (after up/down) 1.0.1: Fix crash
1.0: First release