Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Oct 15, 2014
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–°ontext-config generation for class/test dependencies.
Useful for quick dependencies resolution in JUnit-tests with Spring-beans.

Detects class dependencies that must be resolved with spring-beans.
There are fields annotated with @Autowired or class's setters(set-methods)
Searchs bean definitions through all project *.xml files, that can be assigned to them
For all beans it recursively detects their dependencies and doing another search
Finally, we have all beans that can be need for our initial class
They can be saved to some xml-file and used as context-configuration for our class

Main use-case: Quick context-config generation for JUnit-tests.
In big project it can be difficult(or boring) to resolve all class dependencies to run some local-tests

If more than one beans found by name and type, it will be resolved with some priority-rules that you can tune in plugin-propertis

Supported features:
  • Searching beans in production, test or libraries scope.
  • Searching beans with a check for assign by field-type (not only by name)
  • Bean-aliases supported. We can find bean-alias by name and another bean that can be referenced by alias
  • Spring-util beans supported: map, set, list
  • Some beans can be excludes from search by their name through the plugin-properties
  • Some beans can be described for use strongly-their
  • Bean's file-path can have priority, that used to resolve conflicts if more then one bean were found
  • Can be added custom headers in result-file, e.g. we can exclude some useful beans and add <import> with it file in header

Default shortcuts:
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L
    • Generate context-configuration for current class(in editor)
    • Add missing dependencies for current context-configuration (xml-file in editor)
  • Tools Menu -> "Generate context config" - Same as above
  • Settings Menu (Ctrl+Alt+S) -> LazySpring - Plugin properties

Please note: This plugin is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

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