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Copy on steroids

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Enhances standard 'Copy' action with RTF text

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Recent change notes

  • background colors processing is corrected (on javadoc sample);
  • tests are updated;
btw the plugin functionality is bundled with the platform from IJ 14.
Something I used to miss in IntelliJ. Thanks for adding this.
Superb for pasting code as RTF into Powerpoint :)
When using the plugin in Windows with the default editor Scheme active, pasting code in Word or Outlook uses the "monospaced" font, which isn't a known font on Windows. This then causes the code to be formatted using a non-monospaced font instead. It would probably be better on Windows systems to replace "monospaced" with a known font like Courier New during the copy-operation, instead of forcing people to create a new scheme for this purpose. Also, it seems the plugin uses the indentation-level of the first line to de-indent all subsequent code. This causes issues if for instance you copy-paste the last few lines of one method and beginning of a subsequent one. De-indentation should instead be done based on the minimum level of indentation of all selected code.
krischik, you're doing something wrong, the plugin works fine for me
Nice idea — but it does not actually work.
Used this to embed code inside Keynote slides. Awesome
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