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Jul 18, 2013
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The Randori Framework is a tool that helps in making LARGE Javascript application development manageable.

It consists of an Actionscript cross-compiler and a client-side JavaScript framework.

Please visit http://randoriframework.com for more information.

To quickly get started please follow these lessons.

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Recent change notes

0.3.0 changes:
  • [compiler] Updated to v0.2.5.2
  • [plugin-feature] As user I should be able to import projects/modules/libraries. #74 #25 #11
  • [plugin-feature] As user I should be able to compile project composed of modules / RBLs.
  • [plugin-feature] Added Sources & Docs detection for RBLs
  • [plugin-bug] [View] : "Unknown Metadata Attribute Used" #60 #14.
  • [plugin-bug] If the Randori compiler gives an error code, IntelliJ should not say completed successfully #57
  • [plugin-bug] Managing import at save time takes too much time on refactor
  • [plugin-bug] #86 : After a Rebuild Project some files are not regenerated
0.2.5 changes:
  • [plugin-feature] Randori specific CSS code completions now also complete -randori-fragment values.
  • [plugin-feature] Randori specific CSS code completions now also complete randori property names.
  • [plugin-feature] Randori specific Annotation support.
0.2.4 changes:
  • [plugin-enhancement] "New Randori File" menu is now bundled into one dialog.
  • [plugin-enhancement] all Randori specific menu items are only available when a Randori project is active.
  • [plugin-feature] Randori specific CSS code completions.
  • [compiler-bug] Fixed Incremental compile using direct reverse dependencies.
  • [compiler-bug] Fixed delegate member access in Function arguments passing scope.
  • [compiler-bug] Fixed named inner function generation.
  • [compiler-bug] Fixed non resolving identifer in object literal.
  • [compiler-bug] Fixed JavaScript export=false defaults to declared type's qualifiedname.
  • [compiler-bug] Fixed small getter issue in container block.
  • [compiler-feature] Added Gradle build system.
  • [compiler-feature] incremental compilation implemented.
0.2.3 changes:
  • [plugin-bug] fixed runtime exception when builtin.swc was not found in SDK.
0.2.2 changes:
  • [compiler-bug] fixed bug with function call and JavaScript(name) transform.
  • [compiler-bug] fixed issue with global static function not reducing correctly.
0.2.1 changes:
  • [compiler-bug] getClassDependencies() now tracks Type arguments as dependencies.
  • [compiler-bug] Array literal variable error.
  • [plugin-feature] Build on file save.
  • [plugin-enhancement] Added Behavior, Mediator and Context templates.
  • [compiler-feature] Private constructors cancel build.
0.2.0 changes:
  • Plugin alpha release.