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Jul 22, 2017
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Mathematica (Wolfram Language) support for IntelliJ IDEA

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This plugin turns your IntelliJ IDEA into a powerful coding environment for Mathematica. For more information check out the official website. I have started to create user-friendly documentation of various features on the Wiki pages of GitHub. If you want to discuss specific topics, then ping me ( halirutan) in the dedicated chat room on stackexchange.
  • Advanced syntax highlighting including patterns, anonymous functions, comment tags, and more
  • CamelHump autocompletion for all built-in Mathematica functions, local variables and package definitions
  • Smart completion for function options, messages and comment tags
  • Coloring and resolving of Module/Block/Table/... variables
  • Renaming of variables and functions
  • Code folding support for localization constructs like Module, With, Block, ...
  • Quick documentation lookup for all built-in symbols and operators
  • Structured View for package definitions
  • Correct display of Mathematica's named characters
  • Inspections for version mismatch of symbols, possible errors through multiplicaton at linebreak, and missing commas and semicolons
  • Autocompletion suggestions sorted by importance
  • Highlighting and smart inserting of braces, brackets and parenthesis
  • Quick navigation between symbol usages with Navigate - Related Symbol

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Recent change notes

New features and bug-fixes:
  • Fixed issue that prevents creating a new project in IDEA 2017.2
  • Include system information on reporting errors with empty user message
  • A better error reporter that creates issues on GitHub automatically
  • Spell check for symbols, comments and strings
  • Code folding based on section comments like (* ::Section:: *)
  • SurroundWith (Ctrl+Alt+T) will now do something useful when pressed without an active selection
  • Added Ctrl+Space completion inside comments
  • Reimplemented parsing of comments and comment annotation
  • Fixed null exception (MMAP-91)
  • Added guard to fix exception (MMAP-88)