IDEA Feature Suggester

Products: IntelliJ IDEA

Vendor: JetBrains

Provides feature suggesting utility.
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Version Compatible builds Date
0.2.3 135.760 27.05.2014 Download
0.2.2 133.193 09.12.2013 Download
0.2.1 130 — 131 27.05.2013 Download
0.1.1 129.354 — 130 27.05.2013 Download

Recent change notes

Updated for the latest 13.1 EAP

General usage instructions

This is project for JetBrains Hackaton to check possibility to make some features more discoverable. Currently implemented small framework to add possibility to make some features more discoverable. Additionally implemented few features using this framework: Second smart completion for toArray method Line commenting/uncommenting Exclaim sign to finish lookup for not autopopup completion Safe delete Suppress Warnings quickfix Introduce variable Remove else branch Autoindent action