Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jun 01, 2017
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This plugin is intended to increase productivity of developers, who build applications on the CUBA Platform.

Key features:

  • IDE and CUBA Studio integration
    While CUBA Studio facilitates visual development, CUBA Plugin simplifies working with code in a Java IDE.
  • Intuitive navigation
    Navigate transparently through the platform-related elements.
  • Smart autocomplete and injections
    Use auto completion and injections for the platform specific code.
  • Advanced code inspection
    Smart code inspection and quick fix suggestions for the platform-related code in your IDE.

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Recent change notes

Version 3.4
  1. Autocomplete for 'screen' attribute of menu item (#230)
  2. Autocomplete for 'property' attribute of FieldGroup field (#228)
  3. Inspection - Warn about implicit id as property usage in FieldGroup field. Actual since platform 6.5 (#227)
  4. Injection dialog for any bean (#195). Rules for beans that can be injected:
    • Does not end with MBean
    • Is not a CUBA infrastructure class
    • Bean implementation has one of 'Component', 'Service', 'Controller' annotations and source contains 'org.springframework.stereotype'
    Order of variable type determining:
    1. Bean interface if it has NAME constant
    2. Bean class if it has NAME constant
    3. First interface of bean class
    4. Bean class
    Rules for beans in which to inject:
    • Annotated as bean
  5. Code completion in REST services/queries XML configuration (#222) Services configuration. Code completion for:
    • service name
    • method
    • params
    Queries configuration. Code completion for:
    • entity name
    • view
  6. Autocomplete for 'for' attribute of relatedEntities and bulkEditor components and autocomplete for 'applyTo' of filter component(#231)
  7. Show actual options for screen alias and view name in Java string literal (#202)
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