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Jul 14, 2013
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Plugin for LiveScript language support

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Recent change notes

0.1.7 changes:
  • [feature]Add LiveScript File Watcher To Compile LiveScript File To JavaScirpt.
0.1.6 changes:
  • [feature]Add Preview Compiled LiveScript File
0.1.5 changes:
  • [feature]Add <<< <<<< import super let export var from keywords
  • [feature]Add backticks ` support
0.1.4 changes:
  • [feature]Add CodeStyle with a Code Style settings preference pane
0.1.3 changes:
  • [feature]LiveScript File / Class Templates
  • [bugfix]Fixes some lexer statements

General usage instructions

LiveScriptIdea is a plugin for your JetBrains IDE to Support for LiveScript ( Syntax highlighting with a color settings preference pane Commenting and uncommenting of line and block comments Highlighting of matching braces