Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Oct 26, 2017
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Plugin for Mybatis.

Plugin was rewritten from scratch with new architecture to make it more stable and bringing many new features.

The plugin provides the following features:

  • Compatible with both IDEA ultimate and community edition.
  • Code completion, syntax highlighting.
  • Smart SQL parameter completion based on SQL statement context.
  • Navigation (Jump to symbol, Find Usages, Refactoring)
  • Introduce custom 'Mybatis Parameter' language to support Mybatis parameter expression.
  • Generate Mapper XML, SQL statement, statement declaration on the fly.
  • Integrate with configured DataSource in IDEA.
  • Many useful code inspections with helpful quick fixes.
  • Many useful intention actions to make it easier to write code.
  • OGNL support.
  • Annotation support.
  • Spring support.
  • Spring Boot support.
  • Mybatis generator support.
  • [TBD]Detailed documentation.

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Recent change notes


Implemented enhancements:
  • Backward compatible of IDEA build 172.2103.15 to 172.3317.77.

Implemented enhancements:
  • Auto-detecting annotated type alias.
  • Auto-detecting alias package and properties in application properties/yml.
  • Add Mybatis configuration file template(New -> Mybatis -> New Configuration File).
  • Don't insert 'resultType' attribute if determined type comes from package 'java.util'.
  • Use type alias with 'parameterType' and 'resultType' attribute if type alias is present.
Fixed bugs:
  • SQL parameter completion according to 'parameterType' doesn't work well sometimes.
  • Mapper XML with iBatis DTD doesn't work well.
  • Suppress navigation of generic type.
  • Class with '@Mapper' annotation is not determined as mapper class.

Implemented enhancements:
  • Change the icon of mybatis configuration file.
  • Hmm. You guys don't like 'Mybatis facet', let's get rid of it.
  • Add intention action to generate XML statement even if interface is not recognized as mapper interface.
  • Spring Boot support.

Fixed bugs:
  • Minor bug fixes.

Implemented enhancements:
  • Add more configuration detection.
Fixed bugs:
  • Xml statement navigates to wrong element.
  • Case insensitive alias was broken.
  • Can't find mapper bean in Spring

Fixed bugs:
  • Apply some quick bug fixes.

Implemented enhancements:
  • Plugin was rewritten from scratch with new architecture to make it more stable and bringing many new features.