PHP Annotations

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
Sep 17, 2017
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PHP Annotation
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  • Just install and be happy
  • Optional: Install Symfony Plugin
  • Optional: Install PHP Toolbox
  • Optional: Configure plugin "Languages & Framework > PHP > Annotations"
  • Youtube: PhpStorm: PHP Annotations Plugin
  • Attach PhpClass to their DocTag to support "Code > Optimize Imports"
  • Auto alias detection on use statement
  • Filter annotation classes on targets like method, class, property, ...
  • Goto for doc tags and property names
  • Detect annotation property values on phpclass property name including types
  • Index classes with @Annotation inside doc block
  • Plugin extension point
  • Doctrine related providers
  • Class import annotator
  • Class constants in DocTags
  • Doctrine ORM intention and quickfixes for: repository and properties
  • Auto alias import for annotation class
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Recent change notes

5.2 Donate
  • API: add annotation util to access property and default values of PhpDocTag attribute list
  • Move Doctrine repositoryClass class check to inspection and provide and help message to Symfony documentation
  • Drop PluginUtil.isEnabled checks
  • Drop old api workarounds for annotation @Targets and support some more edge cases in property extraction
  • Provide Annotation class usage linemarker #79
  • API: Provide an index with annotated elements stubs #53
  • Add Doctrine @Embedded class generator #88 and refactoring of orm generator
  • Drop old workarounds for old PhpStorm in getDocBlockTag completion pattern
  • Drop workaround for class interface fqn class name of old PhpStorm
  • Update string value resolving to support class constants
  • Migration annotation import annotator to inspection; prevent memory leaks; use visitor pattern and provider better inspection overlay for multiple and single class
  • Prevent possible memory leaks issue in Doctrine repositoryClass quickfix

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