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PHP Annotations

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PHP Annotation
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Installation Features
  • Youtube: PhpStorm: PHP Annotations Plugin
  • Attach PhpClass to their DocTag to support "Code > Optimize Imports"
  • Auto alias detection on use statement
  • Filter annotation classes on targets like method, class, property, ...
  • Goto for doc tags and property names
  • Detect annotation property values on phpclass property name including types
  • Index classes with @Annotation inside doc block
  • Plugin extension point
  • Doctrine related providers
  • Class import annotator
  • Class constants in DocTags
  • Doctrine ORM indention and quickfixes for: repository and properties
  • Configure custom aliases
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2.6. 141.115. . Download 144.37 2015-03-29 13:07:17 details
1.6. 131. . Download 144.41 2015-03-10 20:10:49 details
0.4. 130.1. . Download 83.32 2013-11-24 16:04:49 details
0.3. 129.713. . Download 82.69 2013-10-03 16:10:43 details
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Recent change notes:

2.x: PhpStorm9
1.x: PhpStorm8
2.6 / 1.6
  • Add Doctrine repository create quickfix
  • Add indention creation for Doctrine: @Column properties
  • Add generator for Doctrine entity class and properties
  • fix "missing import" inspection highlights all doc blocks #25
  • Fix property value pattern completion for PhpStorm8
  • Add whitelist for annotation PhpDoc on next siblings, to filter inline doc blocks #24
  • Move "Missing Import" annotator to inspection #19
  • API: add new proxy method "getPropertyValue" to get representing psielements
  • Completion and goto for class constants inside doctags #18
  • Annotation are now valid in namespace less files; this also brings some performance improvements because of lower search scope
  • Typo fix that class completion are detected as method
  • Attach annotation insertHandler for alias completion
  • Rename getRootValue to more naming getDefaultPropertyValue
  • Remove unused configuration form #15
  • Fix that docblock completion confidence is valid in comments and provides autopopup
  • Fix annotation class inside composer libraries where not autocompleted #13
  • Support fqn classes annotation #17
  • Add java annotations for all extension points
  • Pipe additional util methods in extension parameters
  • Add doc tag property value utils and dicts
  • Add alias annotation class completion
  • Improve performance on annotation class completion
  • Use php class statement scope instead of file scope for namespace collection
  • Detect annotation classes in same namespace
  • Remove all PhpStorm6 hacks, support new Api and only allow PhpStorm7 builds
  • Add more property value type detections
  • Add and change extension points to reflect latest api features
  • Add class import annotator
  • Add docblock property value provider for @Enum
  • Add Doctrine providers for: targetEntity, repositoryClass, mappedBy, inversedBy
  • Migrate pattern to allow multiple docblocks #12, #8
  • Plugin dont need to explicit enable
  • Only support PhpStorm > 7
  • Activate annotation class reference provider and use it where possible
  • Pattern fix to support eap 131.235
  • Support "@" completion WI-20265
  • Optimize doc tag name insert handler
  • Better property completion pattern and type detection
  • Optimize property value insert handler
  • Extension points for property goto and completion eg @Template("file.html.twig")
  • Init version support PhpStorm6 and 7


2014-06-07 21:33:18
@kungfufrog This plugin needs a higher api version
2014-06-03 03:42:10
I cannot find this in the plugins repository for IntelliJ IDEA. Is it ok that I downloaded the JAR from here and manually installed in my IDE? (IntelliJ IDEA) I use IntelliJ for PHP/Symfony2 development and always will!
2014-06-01 16:14:45
Wow! I just found this plugin while I was rating the Symfony2 plugin and this is the one thing that I have been missing. I really like your plugins, thank you very much for you work!
2013-10-29 16:36:00
Good plugin. It would be good if autocompletion was also triggered from incomplete references (such as @ODM\...), not only in empty phpDoc tags; or at least this behaviour would be explained here.