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Jan 29, 2018
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Enriches SVN integration Following functionality was added:
  • Status bar component:
    • displays branch for currently open file
    • shows tooltip with URL for currently open file
  • Project View decorations:
    • display branch for module
    • display branch for switched files
    • can be toggled in VCS -> Svn ToolBox
    • can be customized in Settings -> Svn ToolBox
  • Additional Subversion context menu actions:
    • 'Configure branches' extracted from 'Update' dialog as item
    • 'Copy URL' to clipboard action
    • 'Show Lock Info' for current selection

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Recent change notes

Changes is 181.0.0
  • Compatible with 181.*
Changes is 173.0.1
  • Fixed character decoding (#22)
Changes is 172.0
  • Compatible with 2017.2
Changes is 163.0
  • Fixed tree decorations not showing (#15)
Changes is 13.1.1
  • 'Show Lock Info...' action - owner mapping in CSV - contribution by ABONO
Changes is 13.0.6
  • Compatible with Idea 13.1

General usage instructions

Add following plugin repository to access EAP builds

Special statusbar/decoration statuses:

  • 'Svn: N/A' file not under SVN

  • 'Svn: Not configured' branches are not configured. Click opens appropriate dialog

  • 'Svn: Loading' branch info not yet loaded

If you get nothing in Project View make sure branches are configured properly (Subversion > Configure branches...)