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Vendor: Nikolay Chashnikov

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This plugin shows name and Win/Mac shortcuts of any action you invoke (View | Descripton of Action)
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0.9.8 145.1 — 163.* 23.04.2016 Download
0.9.6 107.105 + 16.06.2014 Download
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Recent change notes

  • Rounded corners of popups fixed.
  • 'Show action names and shortcuts' option in settings replaced by 'Description of Actions' toggle action in 'View' menu (Alt+Shift+D).


2013-11-22 15:13:46
2013-11-22 10:08:16
Looks promising. 1. Is it configurable? 2. Where to report issues? 3. Escape key sometimes does not function 4. My keymap of ctrl-tab to go to next splitter does not work. 5. How to turn off the display of keystrokes (menu choice to turn off does not disable the display of keystrokes.