Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Apr 15, 2014
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辅助开发基于 tradespi 的程序。可以创建 provider、SPI,在 provider/SPI/namespace 之间跳转。

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Recent change notes

[4.16] 允许在 provider 中新建 SPI。
[4.14] 解决找不到 BatchExtensionPlusSpi 的 bug;更新新建 spi 的模板。
[3.26] 新增 New SPI Biz Package 功能。可以自动创建包和 namespace 文件。
[3.10] 修复偶尔出现的警告。
[3.5] 更新新建 spi/provider 的模板。
[2.28] 修复跳转 spi bug。
[2.23] 忽略项目更新后偶尔出现的异常。
[2.14] 修复文件改动之后出现不必要的错误提示
[2.12] 修复泛型类型推导错误导致部分 provider/spi 定位不到
[1.27] 允许在 namespace 中转到 extension SPI; 允许在任意位置跳转到 namespace; 修复在切换或者导入项目时出现的 ClassCastException
[1.19] 允许在 namespace 中跳转到友元的 namespace
[1.13] 修复 spi 跳转的 bug
[1.10] fix npe
[1.9] bug fixes、增加 spi 到 extension spi 的跳转
[1.3] bug fixes、优化 provider structure 的用户体验、优化 goto namespace 的体验和算法、 增加 ctrl+alt+k scroll to source
[1.2] 新增 provider structure
[12.27] 新建 provider 时的 request, response 的 getBizContext() 方法的默认实现改为 toString()
[12.25] bug fixes
[12.24] Bundle modules are identified by a new config key: tmf.config.bundle_module_glob.
[12.23] Support adding SPI Providers.
[12.20] Description to name space can be set when new spi is created
[12.12] The Spi created by wizard can be attached to the selected provider
[12.12] Navigate to namespace in provider script
[12.11] Navigate to extension spi(s) of special sdo and sdo implementation
[12.10] Navigate to extension spi(s) of special extension point in provider
[12.10] Navigate to extension spi(s) of special extension point in provider
[12.09] Navigate to implemented provider(s) in spi
[12.06] support new feature such as show or hide change list
[12.06] show provider detail in browser
[12.05] generate spi jva source file
[12.05] Provide wizard to create new spi as well as Namespace if it doesn't exist.
[11.19] Navigate to spi class in provider.Shortcut: ctrl+shift+F3
[11.19] Support Mac.OS
[11.18] Locate Spi class.