Shopware Plugin

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
Oct 05, 2018
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Shopware Plugin

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  • PHP: Subscriber name completion for controller/hooks/events
  • PHP: Type provider for Manager::getResources
  • PHP: Event and method references for subscriber events
  • PHP: Magic method type provider
  • PHP: Bootstrap::getInfo, Bootstrap::Path, ModelManager::addAttribute/generateAttributeModels
  • PHP: Enlight_Controller_Router::assemble array parameter
  • PHP: Custom config and event name indexer
  • PHP: Quickfix for subscriber method generation and content
  • PHP: Linemarker for subscriber methods
  • Smarty: References for files, controller, actions, widgets
  • Smarty: Block references on extends path
  • Smarty: Namespace tag support
  • Smarty: Blockname and include indexer
  • Smarty: Template include, extends linemarker
  • Smarty: Support templates libraries/include paths
  • Smarty: Blockname implements and overwrite linemarker
  • Shopware: Theme and assets
  • Shopware: Snippets index for template usage in backend and frontend
  • Shopware: Snippets references for Smarty and ExtJs files
  • PHP/Smarty: Template controller references for php and smarty
  • Symfony: Custom container loader
  • Symfony: Shopware service container ids in subscriber
  • Doctrine: Extension for Symfony Plugin
  • Doctrine: Lifecycle event completion for subscriber
  • ExtJs: Doctrine Model and controller targets
  • ExtJs: Controller action linemarker and goto
  • Generator: Shopware project installer
  • Generator: Plugin boilerplates
  • PHP Toolbox: internal JSON configuration

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Recent change notes

  • 3bae878 build 3.0 (Daniel Espendiller)
  • dc0b19f revert "Extend default services #78" (Daniel Espendiller)
  • c75b7c5 Extend default services (Soner Sayakci)
  • ccdc776 Add menu items to creating plugin specific config files (Soner Sayakci)
  • 723683c Update EAP requirement (Cedric Ziel)
  • 151f519 Reference annotation plugin in travis conf (Cedric Ziel)
  • 9b893ed Use correct version of annotation plugin in 2017.3 (Cedric Ziel)
  • e00a020 Add 2017.3 build (Cedric Ziel)
  • 78081ef Remove superfluous ant descriptor (Cedric Ziel)
  • e37c81d Use correct version of PsiViewer (Cedric Ziel)
  • 1f73caa Test plugin on 2018.1 platform (Cedric Ziel)
  • 2165dd7 Migrate project structure to gradle (Cedric Ziel)
  • af2e9c5 Added table autocomplete to delete method (Shyim)
  • 157d414 Create (Daniel Espendiller)