Upsource Integration

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Mar 22, 2019
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Integration with JetBrains Upsource

Note: If you want to have access to the most recent bug fixes and features of the plugin, you can install it from the alpha channel. To do so please add the following custom plugin repository:

Recent change notes

  • UP-10299 Limit threads count from application pool that might be used.


  • EA-133845 Fix painting avatars for IDEA 2017.3.
  • Use SVG emoji icons for IDEA 2018.2+.
  • EA-133613 Fix NPE while navigate to Git log.


  • UP-9743 Provide links to review and revision in discussion header in feed when it is possible.
  • UP-10260 Add support for JBR11.
  • Fix rendering of build status column for IDEA 2019.1.


  • UP-9831 Use Platform UI to show revision details.


  • EA-133270 Do not schedule update of progress icon in feed when alarm is disposed.
  • UP-10205 Fix notification popup size.


  • UP-9792 Bundle series of newly commented-out lines as one change in diff viewer.
  • EA-132803 Do not update discussions UI inside write action.
  • Add separators around modification actions in context menu of Reviews list.


  • UP-9774 Fix tooltip text of inspection markers.
  • EA-131002 Catch and handle exception when there is no available port to listen to third-party authorization token.
  • EA-131138 Check text range more precisely on converting.
  • Get rid of dependency on deprecated class com.intellij.openapi.diff.impl.processing.ByWord.


  • UP-10120 Fix drawing of avatars when fractional scale factor is set on Windows.
  • EA-129060 Do not show user chooser popup inside write action.
  • UP-10075 Take comment text height into account when resizing the text field.


  • UP-10081 Preserve comment when an error occurs while trying to leave a comment in the editor.
  • EA-128421 Do not open diff when project is disposed.
  • EA-128811 Iterate over immutable list.


  • Do not fail when an error occurs during JavaFX initialization.


  • UP-9873 Fix layout of "Leave a Comment" popup.
  • UP-9440 Do not fully shrink comment input field on "Leave a Comment" popup.


  • EA-127308 Fix NPE in IdeNotificationsManager.getWidget
  • UP-10058 Add mnemonic Alt-V to "Review with Upsource" checkbox in commit dialog.
  • UP-10022 Do not hide connection errors.
  • UP-8734 Make initial width of "Leave a Comment" popup bigger.


  • UP-10036 Add ability to copy branch name and open branch in Upsource. Needs to be connected to Upsource 2018.1.621 or later to open branch.
  • UP-9106 Add ability to close/reopen review right from Reviews list.

General usage instructions

You need at least Upsource 2.0.2747 to use the plugin.