Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Dec 23, 2015
The z2-plugin simplifies development with the z2-environment.
A more detailed description can be found at the z2-environment wiki Following features are implemented so far:
  • Launching: Start your z2-environment on your local machine from the IDE
  • z2-Sync: Synchronize your local changes with the z2-environment
  • z2 dependency resolution: Resolve missing dependencies from the z2-environment
  • Managing z2-modules: z2-modules can be created and deleted on demand
  • Arming modules: Armed z2-modules become active after z2-Sync.
  • z2-Module wizard: Create new z2-modules with or without Spring support
  • z2-Properties editor: Provides completions and documentation for z2-properties files

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Recent change notes

  • Project View Pane shows z2 Module arming states: Z2 Modules are tagged by a tooltip and a z2 icon which shows an orange "z" for armed and a grey "z" for disarmed modules
  • selectable SVN version: SVN workspace version can be selected on the z2-Environment preference pane
  • Improved z2-resolve: only changed and new files are stored, unchanged files are not touched. This speeds up IntelliJ indexing
  • Support for "localhost mode": If z2 server also supports the "localhost mode" it will copy the JARs directly to the target folder
  • Reuse existing .iml file when creating z2 Modules
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes and improved compatibility with IntelliJ 15
  • Checkout feature: Checkout modules directly from z2 component repositories (Git and Subversion)
  • Context Menus for z2-Info tool windows
  • Tooltips in z2 Modules Manager
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • add support for org.z2env
  • add z2-Info tool windows (see View -> Tool Windows -> Z2-Info
  • automatically mark java/src.test as test source folder
  • improve spring support
1.0.2: 1.0.1: 1.0 - Initial revision