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Jul 19, 2016
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ESLint intellij integration.

Support displaying eslint warnings as intellij inspections

Quick fixes for several rules

Support for custom eslint rules

Support for eslint config annotation and completion

Recent change notes

1.0.34 Bug fixes

1.0.33 Bug fixes

1.0.32 Bug fixes

1.0.31 Bug fixes

1.0.30 Fix NPE

1.0.29 Bug fixes

1.0.28 Fix default settings, support rc files with extensions, bug fixes

1.0.27 Bug fixes

1.0.26 Bug fixes

1.0.25 Add --ext. Bug fixes

1.0.24 Add --fix option as an action from code menu. Bug fixes

1.0.23 Class loading bug fixed

1.0.22 Intellij 14 / webstorm 9 compatible version

1.0.21 Bug fixes, doesn't take tab size into account

1.0.20 Add settings for eslint builtin rules directory to support completion and annotation on eslintrc files

1.0.19 Fix windows execution and solve version compatibility issue, thanks eric-isakson

1.0.18 fix plugin url

1.0.17 fix default eslint bin

1.0.16 fix issue finding eslint bin in windows

1.0.15 fix lag in settings dialog, fix windows issue with running lint

1.0.14 fix eslintrc configuration in settings

1.0.13 bug fix

1.0.12 bug fix related to relative path of eslint

1.0.11 bug fixes, add quick fix to DotNotation rule

1.0.10 Add annotation and completion to eslintrc, add version to settings dialog, fix eslintrc not loading bug

1.0.9 Fix performance issue

1.0.8 Performance improvements, bug fixes, refresh inspection status when eslintrc or config change

1.0.7 Fix ClassNotFound Error

1.0.6 Add configuration options for node interpreter and eslintrc search, bug fixes

1.0.1 First version.