IDEA Jetty Runner

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Jan 03, 2019
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A plugin that allows you to quickly run Jetty from IntelliJ IDEA.

If you require full support please consider buying the IntelliJ IDEA Enterprise Edition.
This plugin should be Win / Mac / Linux compatible.

Compatible with servlet-api versions: 3.1, 3.0, 2.5, 2.4, 2.3, 2.2.
Protocols: HTTP / 1.1 (RFC 7230), HTTP / 2 (RFC 7540), WebSocket (RFC 6455, JSR 356), FastCGI.
Many thanks for the kind contributions on GitHub, cheers guys!

Minimum requirement: JVM / JDK / JRE v8
tags: jetty, container, webapp, runner, tomcat, runner

Recent change notes

Version 1.3.0
Github Pull-Request #61
Jetty-Runner updated to v9.4.14
The VM Args field is expandable.
Improved code readability.

General usage instructions

Head over to the GitHub project page for more info.