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Recent change notes

* When #754 made `intellij-erlang` a soft-dependency, it broke the debugger's icons that referenced `ErlangIcons`, but it turns out all the icon constants were aliases to `AllIcons.Debugger` constants, so by using the `AllIcons.Debugger` icons directly, the dependency on `ErlangIcons` can be removed without the need to copy the image files into `intellij-elixir`. * When `do ... end` template is inserted, it did not have a previous child whose attributes to use, so it used the default, which left the cursor unindented. To get the cursor indented by default, When the `ElementType` is `DO`, apply the `stabChildrenIndent` rules: indent normal and determine whether to indent relative to direct parent using code style setting * Include `VirtualFile` path in Beam read errors