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This plugin is an open source (LGPL) plugin for SAP Hybris Commerce integration.

Bug tracker: Intellij IDEA Plugin Support

If you have any questions you can send an email to:
Alexander Bartash (repo owner)
Martin Zdarsky-Jones

- Import of Hybris extensions to Intellij IDEA.
- Automatic configuration of Spring, Web and Ant Intellij IDEA plugins.
- Custom editor for impex files with automatic formatting, find usages and go to declaration actions.
- Custom editor for items.xml with validation and easy navigation.
- Visualization of business process graph (use context menu of the file "Diagrams/Show Diagram", only Ultimate IDEA).
- Enhanced project view tree.

Contribution guidelines:
- Please read Contributor License Agreement
- Available tasks are in our JIRA (requires a login but you can sign-up) also you can suggest new features or report bugs without login on our Support Desk it has anonymous access.
- How to Configure Project Environment For Plugin Developers
- We are working with Pull Requests because it allows us to review the code before merging it. You need to fork this repository, implement a feature in a separate branch, then send us a pull request.
- Be sure to include into your pull request and all commit messages the following line: "Signed-off-by: Your Real Name your.email@email.com" otherwise it can not be accepted. Use your real name (sorry, no pseudonyms or anonymous contributions).
- For additional questions you can send an email to Alexander Bartash or Martin Zdarsky-Jones

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- Alexander Bartash
- Vlad Bozhenok
- Martin Zdarsky-Jones
- Alexander Nosov
- Michael Golubev
- Markus Priegl
- Sergei Aksenenko
- Roger Ye
- Hector Longarte

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Recent change notes

  • [IIPS-10] - Importing Hybris project fails when JavaEE and Spring plugins are disabled
  • [IIP-6] - Usable IMPEX execution via IntelliJ IDEA
  • [IIP-180] - Autocomplete module's name for extensioninfo.xml file
  • [IIP-213] - read only module only if possible
  • [IIP-217] - Don't remove custom modules upon refresh
  • [IIP-105] - Impex formatting is breaking the price by adding extra space
  • [IIP-160] - Project import is not working in Ultimate IDEA when Spring or JavaEE plugins are disabled
  • [IIP-218] - NPE on Project Refresh - IDE Fatal Error
  • [IIP-221] - Line marker with reference between -item.xml and java model class was not shown
  • [IIP-222] - Enable autocomplete atomictypes for type attribute in -items.xml
  • [IIP-224] - Exception in plugin hybris integration
  • [IIP-225] - fix for remote control features